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We are experienced furniture supplier and contractor in Malaysia who can provide both indoor and outdoor furniture for the comfort of commercial and residential areas. Furniture Malaysia can be customised in a broad range of designs, colours, materials, patterns for your architectural theme purposes. Furniture designs are the fundamental elements that synchronises with the ceiling, flooring, wall colour, and grade themes of your home.

Built In Furniture


Built-in furniture is permanently fixed either to a wall or ceiling or the floor. Contrary to loose furniture, the key characteristic of built-in furniture is that it allows a smooth transition between spaces and coherent décor which gives an uncluttered and palatial ambiance. Built-in furniture may seem like a part of the architecture and blends seamlessly for an overall minimalist contemporary appearance. Its cohesive interior coordinated with the rest of the furnishings, allow larger built-in pieces to look slender and provide lots of storage without making the room feel cramped or claustrophobic. They are uniquely customized so that this furniture fits in perfectly into their designated place. Contracting to have furnishings custom-built can result in a satisfying long-term convenience of having the right features tailored to your home or office style.

Loose Furniture


Loose furniture, also known as stand-alone furniture allows flexibility to a house owner or designer to arrange the separate pieces as permitted by the space limits of the room. Loose furniture is relatively cheaper than built-in as they are not custom-made and normally manufactured in bulks. A single model of furniture usually comes in several color variants or added accessories according to the user’s preference, such as to fit the design scheme and theme of the environment. Since it is not permanently attached to its surroundings, loose furniture can be relocated or changed entirely for a revamped style and experience for those who prefer a non-committed choice of design configurations.



Carpentry woodwork is still a staple material in modern construction, including both structural timberwork in framing and items such as doors, windows, and staircases. With the right carpentry skillset, the everlasting beauty of wood designs can escape the clunky look associated with some highly durable furniture range, and instead showcase finely crafted, slim-line styles to sit unobtrusively in an airy modern setting. Wood furniture almost requires effortless maintenance and can stand constant abuse, whether if its coffee spills or minor cutlery scratches under proper care and finishing. By sanding, staining or painting, wood furniture can be easily refinished to give it an entirely new outlook. 



A gazebo is an independent, open sheltered garden structure and often includes built-in seating for guests and homeowners to relax. It is sometimes referred to as an Alhambra, belvedere, kiosk, pagoda, pavilion, pergola, rotunda, shed, summerhouse, or tea house. An elegantly designed gazebo is the perfect ornamental element to complement a backyard and overall landscape. Geometric and floral latticework or outdoor curtains and drapes are sometimes added to give a sense of enclosure and privacy. Depending on personal preference, there are a variety of design types to match gardens, such as the folly, rotunda, Victorian, Asian, pergola and pavilion gazebo. There are prefabricated designs that are easily assembled for ease of installation, and for those who tend towards classic or contemporary styles, there is also a spectrum of materials and contractors available for the job.

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is a furniture supplier and contractor in Malaysia which customise your furniture requirements for commercial and residential buildings, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley and other states in Malaysia.

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