Hidden Water Leaks / Wastage that You should Know

Water Wastage Significant number of households actually wasted a lot of water due to undetected water leaking and be charged with excessive water bills from what they have been utilizing. Averagely, typical home can waste 2,000 to 20,000 gallons (7.6m3 to 76m3) of water per year due to leaks. Many leaks are invisible from the eyes of us, such as piping system fixed inside the wall, ceiling, slab. However, we can also discover some leaks easily, for example, from water heaters and faucets. Water Meter Check Water meter is an effective tool to check up large leaks or many small leaks. First of all, must make sure every single point of water is turned off, including auto water machine such as d

Why you should DIY your house

Nowadays, public can access to information easily on search engine. Hence, many land owner or house owner choose to build or renovate their own house by involving in design, source and purchase building material or even Do-It-Yourself (DIY) when come to installing the interior materials. Many would say building is simply better when you actually compare home buying process which satisfies your needs and building your own home. A lot of us wish to design and construct our own dream home, as the house is created specially just for us, extreme sense of belonging. However, many of us will ask is this something only the rich one can afford? You will get what you want exactly and definitely will f

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