Wood for Your Building

Hi all, we are talking about real wood instead of artificial wood here. Why should we use wood in your house or building, from external material such as decking, wall, roof to furnitures, cabinets, ceiling, door and windows etc. Let's explore more together now Environmentally friendly It is definitely a green material and absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) by its nature, limiting the CO2 release into atmosphere. Many regulation has been enforced where a new tree has to be planted for every tree which has been chopped. Hence, theoretically, there will be more wood on this planet for carbon absorption. Good to have more young and new trees as in they absorb more carbon than the mature trees, helps in

Why Green Roof is so Good

Why green roofs? Benefits? It is actually pretty simple to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) rooftop with green plants. Its advantages are a lot more than only beneficial to your own buildings, it also good to the public or community either environmentally, economically or socially. The green roof design, installation, function are vary virtually and technically, which makes it so unique that each and every building can have different creative design. Maximizing the Benefits of Torrential Rain Runoff of continuous and heavy rain can damage infrastructure such as waterways, drainage system and fish habitat. Retaining rainwater by having green roof with plants help to deliver back portion of water to the a

Nice to Use Carpet for Your Flooring

Health Booster: Carpet can actually capture contaminants, dust, allergens. Hence, clean up the carpet eventually prevent mold growth, eliminate dust mite infestations and pollutants. Energy Saving: Carpet is a good insulation material for indoor which it will save your energy and also keep your feet warm (when your feet warm, the rest indirectly will be warmed as well). Sound Insulation: Carpet is able to absorb sound and it can be enhance further with padding, carpet acts as one of the affordable material for acoustics. Less Maintenance: Compared to other hard surface flooring, it requires lesser labour and time to maintain. Cost Effective: From the purchase cost, cleaning effort and spendi

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