Architecture Front Door

An awesome entrance door at house will definitely make you, your family and your visitors feel so excited and happy when reach home. The following are some of the designs you might consider... Yellow Door, tall & slim Curved wooden door, cool right This one look so huge, just like tiny in the house, ideally for house you want it to look brighter with sunlight, more transparent, and your ceiling height must be tall enough, it is kind of energy saving also, fully utilize on sunlight, save electricity biils. Spaceship door design, make you feel like back to your own spaceship everyday. Steel door Louvered door, suitable for main front gate. Door within a door, you can open the small one and big

Smart Home

What is Smart Home? Smart home is defined as those electrical appliances, furniture, devices which can be controlled remotely by phone, computer or special devices. Smart home setup brings a lot of conveniences to building tenants or household, it also improve the safety and save electricity consumption by automating power usage and switch. The following are some of examples where we can convert or get it to be "smart"" Television This is quite common as in we are replacing the conventional TV remote control with just a smart phone, i.e. Wifi. It allows you to switch channel graphically instead of numbering, even switch the channel easily from internet besides subscription from fixed channel

Texture Wall

Many people always think of doing something on their wall in the house, we are going to share some of the ideas that you might find it interesting to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) or hire an interior designer or a contractor to help you. This is cool to apply to match your living room's theme. Korean Wallpaper is also not a bad idea if you are looking forward to a simpler, time effective and effortless way to decorate your wall, there are a lot of varieties. This is awesome design if you do not have intensive phobia, of course you can make it more 3D just like the next design. This kind of pebble tile design also quite suitable for bathroom and perhaps on your garden wall. Office reception area desig

Space Saving for Bedroom

Nowadays, cost of houses are high and also if you would like to renovate old house or amend a little bit after moved into new house. However let us explore some ideas on how to fully utilize of your bedroom, just require some modification, you can even Do-It-Yourself (DIY). Slidable beds under the desks and cabinet raised wooden floor. Bed and working desk on the top, with clothes, washbasin and mini storage slots below. Dining tables and mini kitchen at level 1, mezzanine 2nd level has beds, sofa and working desk. Mezzanine concept too, with working desk below, bed on top. Purple-themed concept Pink girlish concept Look at the drawers underneath the bed and the curved wardrobe, blue concept

DIY Used Glass Window

Some ideas about how to make use of those unused glass, window and the frame to make your own awesome DIY household stuffs!

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