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Source for a plaster ceiling supplier and plaster ceiling contractor in Malaysia on your own, for your own house renovation or office renovation are so common, but getting the right one, a reliable and trustable plaster ceiling contractor or installer in Malaysia can actually avoid headache and problem arise after that. In what circumstances, you might need a plaster ceiling installation services for your home and building? When you build a wholly new house from scratch, move into a new or second hand house that you bought where you required renovation. It also applies to shoplot and office or other types of buildings where you some ceiling interior design service to make it looks impressive

Green Building Materials Malaysia

Building with green construction material supplier and contractor is very important to get credits and be certified in Green Building Index (GBI), certifying as a Green Building in Malaysia. Green building materials suppliers and contractors in Malaysia are therefore getting more and able to lower down their costs due to increased sales, especially after GBI organization and rating tools set formed by the efforts and supports of PAM Council (Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) - Malaysian Institute of Architects). Recycled Materials There are a lot of wastes and unused building materials, including wooden, timber, aluminum or plastic scaffoldings, formworks and moulds used on-site and off-site

Landscape and Garden for Your Home

Malaysia is one of the countries among Asia where typical landed property household might have own garden space for landscape design. Landscape your own garden today, this kind of privilege should be fully utilized and pretty sure you enjoy for that. The following are the advantages why we should execute landscape works for our garden: Natural Air Conditioner Research shows that grass can have approximately 20 degrees cooler than plain soil and more than 30 degrees chiller than asphalt floor. Loft’s temperature can be reduced by 40 degrees by proper trees shading your home. Natural Cleaners Carbon dioxide (CO2) is being absorbed by grass, breaking down into both carbon and oxygen, capture sm

3D Printing – the Disruptive Construction Method

3D printing (commonly referred to additive manufacturing), the new innovative construction method for building materials, a process involves converting a virtual design created or an existing object model scanned from digital file into a solid three dimensional object, including construction materials for buildings. Cost Saving When there is more automation, prices will drop. At least 50% of construction cost will be saved in term of labour, machining and material especially on the structural part. Most of the materials now can be printed in the manufacturing plant before deliver to the site for assembly, 3D printed buildings are extremely important for undeveloped countries and lower income

Modular Home (Prefab IBS)

Modular home or building is one of the prefabricated (prefab) type of Industrialized Building System (IBS) where it is being built in a controlled factory before sending to site. The following are the features and advantages of modular home. Do not depreciate in value, instead, it increased as same as the on-site built type of building. Any design can be customized and pre-made at factory as per the traditional. Can be modular office, modular factory, modular shop besides modular homes. Permanent structures as well as temporary structure (portable, mobile or movable modular). Modular homes or buildings are entitled for Green Building Index (GBI). Can eliminate the risks of building materials

Clay as Building Materials

When talk about sustainable product in construction and building, we always forget one of the highest versatility, natural and common material, clay. From harvest, process to cost, duration and outlook, clay is definitely an economic recyclable building material from centuries ago until now. Clay Production After excavated clay out of the ground, only adding water to the clay will able to shape clay into anything, commonly bricks. Clay as the raw material for building material is so nature and environmental friendly because clay itself is already a product from earth. We are utilizing earth’s creation to building construction on earth. Energy Efficiency Clay brick or other forms of clay-made

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