Purlin Contractor Malaysia | Supply and Install

Purlin is a roof membrane oriented horizontally that helps in load support, supporting roof deck’s weight, also support primary rafter or building wall appropriately. Purlin contractor in Malaysia often address them as roof purlin, it is broadly applied in huge roofing platform, plant, workshop, factory, warehouse and other industrial building as their shelters. There are many types of purlin can be fabricated and installed by purlin contractor Malaysia. C Purlin C purlin has horizontal setup and plane surface, due to this reason, it is highly suitable for cladding because of its convenience in steel or concrete structure installation. Purlin contractor in Malaysia able to supply and install

Metal Fabrication Malaysia | Industrial Equipment & Part

Metal fabrication in Malaysia involves several industrial process such as shaping, cutting, drilling, moulding of metal raw materials into finished ready-to-use metal products. Without a doubt, among metal categories, steel has the most popularity in metal custom made fabrication in Malaysia. From building material, industrial equipment, structural to loose metal accessories application, steel is widely being seen and utilized in factory operation, infrastructure to building elements. Hence, metal fabrication Malaysia is so important and the number of metal fabrication supplier in Malaysia grows every year to meet the increased demand in metal products series. Metal is tough yet versatile in

Roof Insulation Material | Supplier & Contractor Malaysia

In tropical country like Malaysia, it is important to have a proper heat insulation against harmful UV and its hotness. Of course, there are more reasons why roof insulation is a must for many building. It makes cost effectiveness to the building by conserving coolness in the rooms. Unofficial statistics proves more than 40% energy saving can be achieved in term of electricity bill. When building has higher insulation value against heat or building receives decreased amount of heat energy, the less likely the air-conditioner is required. On the other hand, we can also view insulation in respective of preventing cool air temperature leak out from the house. Improving roof insulation besides s

Construction Equipment & Heavy Machinery | Rental or Sale | Maintenance Service

Construction equipment does also refer to heavy equipment, heavy-duty vehicle that is designed specially to execute construction job scope. Heavy machinery supplier Malaysia able to supply wide range construction equipment that applies in many aspects, in which we will categorize these into only 4 major modules, taking into account of material handling, construction vehicle, earth-moving equipment and construction equipment Earthwork task is the most common one which comprises excavating of earth, rock, topsoil and muck excavation and therefore excavator is the key equipment in here. Excavator supplier Malaysia normally can supply an extensive range of excavation equipment to earthwork contr

Sheet Metal | Bending and Rolling

Sheet metal is a thin and flat metal piece that gone through industrial manufacturing which applied in metalworking as a base, it can be further processed into many shapes for different application through bending, cutting, milling. In Malaysia metal fabrication industry, any sheet thickness less than 6mm is addressed as leaf or foil, and greater piece is known as plate. Additionally, metal sheet can be stripped further into coiled strips by continuous metal sheet running in a roll slitter. Cold rolled strip (or stripped steel) yielded from pickled hot rolled strip before reduction of the coil through single stand cold roll steel mill or others. Sheet metal fabricator in Malaysia normally ca

Interior Designer Malaysia | Design and Build

Interior designer in Malaysia is so important to be engaged before starting your renovation works no matter for your house, office or other type of works. What types of interior designer are there, why is that important to involve them during preliminary stage of renovation work will be elaborated further later in the article. Interior designer in Malaysia either employed by the architectural company, or act independently on project basis for developer, owner, architect. Interior designer works closely with the consultant, engineers beside architect and owner. A good interior designer can make miracle within the limited space, maximizing the space’s value at all time in term of functionality

Metal & Steel | Machining & Fabrication Malaysia

Metal fabrication involves several processes that help to construct any structure for metal, such as assembly, bending, machining, cutting, welding, drilling and more. These value added process form part by part from scrap, deformation of certain metal to combining few individual components in order to maximize the usefulness of the finished item and machine. Metal fabricator in Malaysia does specialized work where they might focus only on a single or perhaps few of the scopes, for instance, welding, machining of gear or others. Steel Fabricator Malaysia normally get jobs from large main contractor, equipment fabricator or other factories that focus on non-fabrication business nature. The re

HDPE Building Materials | Supplier & Contractor

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a common building material in Malaysia that widely accepted by many architect and builder regardless of projects range from infrastructure, commercial to residential and many more. Some other countries address it as polyethylene high-density (PEHD), both are the same and they are petroleum based material known as polyethylene thermoplastic. HDPE pipes and fittings supplier Malaysia does very well in Malaysia’s construction industry due to its material nature properties. High strength-to-density ratio, resistant to corrosion and superior tensile strength are why HDPE is always one of the preference among all other options. HDPE is also applied to flooring,

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