Laminate and Hardwood Flooring | Flooring Specialist Malaysia

Aathaworld can supply and install laminate flooring, hardwood floor for your residential, commercial and other types of rooms. Floating wood tile is another term known in America but Asia is commonly address it as laminate flooring. It goes through the laminating process and get multiple layers of synthetic materials joined together. This type of flooring can also stimulate stone by having a transparent protective layer underneath of a photographic applique layer. the next core inner layer is comprises of fiber board materials, melamine resin and of course will be tested by each country’s respective standard. Laminate flooring has more and more demand nowadays because of its undoubtable fea

Spun Pile Supplier Malaysia | Precast Piles & Foundation

Aathaworld can supply spun pile, other precast piles and foundation materials for buildings and infrastructural works. Foundation is the support of any structural, it enables the load transfers of the structure to the soil. However, the recipient layer of the foundation which is to be transferred with load should be having an appropriate or sufficient capacity of load bearing, making it highly suitable to the characteristics of settlement. Few of the factors must be considered when foundation design to be made, such as time-frame, water level, soil test result, level of sensitivity for vibration or noise, superstructure’s final load, resources’s availability and most importantly to businesse

Interior Contractor Malaysia | Floor to Ceiling Wall

Aathaworld is your interior contractor who can take care from floor to ceiling and wall, newly obtained houses for refurbishment to major renovation of long-established building. What kind of flooring, wall and ceiling can be done depends solely on owner and designer’s preference, budget and other minor factors. For instance, most of the office demand for flooring are towards easy cleaning, traffic soundproofing and wall is having heat as acoustic insulation features. The reason is pretty simple, because these can improve the productivity through minimizing the foot noise interruption, external voice impact and regulating best temperature in tropical countries like Malaysia. Ceiling wise, th

Industrial Cleaning Chemicals Supplier Malaysia | Construction Chemical

Aathaworld can supply both construction and industrial chemicals for heavy sectors, on different applications. The chemical industry has an extensive coverage where it includes tank, piping, factory painting, floor coating, roof insulating, waterproofing, concrete repair, admixtures, additives, insulation and many more. However, today we want to introduce and focus on industrial cleaning products as these are very demanding these years in Malaysia. From simply clean up the graffiti on street wall to hard surfaces, industrial cleaning has to be able to carry out its main application without harming the original properties of that substrate. Many chemicals in the market can clean up any tough

Acoustic Panel Supplier Malaysia | Sound Insulation Materials

Aathaworld can provide acoustic panel for your ceiling, wall and other components usage. Acoustic material has a function to either manipulate, direct or control those sound waves that could happen in solids, liquids or gases as well as materials that have certain intrinsic stiffness degrees and mass. Sound insulation measures the level of sound waves to permeate through certain substrat, demonstrating through sound transmission. The permeated sound and incident sound’ decibels difference can express such loss in sound transmission. According to acoustic panel supplier in Malaysia, another term for sound insulation also known as soundproofing, it is defined as either blocking the noise to le

Wall Contractor Malaysia | Exterior and Interior

Aathaworld is an interior contractor who can supply and install interior products from floor to ceiling and walls. These few components are key to interior designs and owner usually wants the design to really focus on them to achieve the conceptual outlook. Aathaworld is able to assist designer and owner in those areas where quality materials supply and proper installation are required as an interior contractor in Malaysia. In order to present better on what are these available materials, below will have introduction for each of those elements. Anyhow, exterior and interior wall finishing will be Exterior Wall First of all, exterior wall finishing is what everyone sees on the building itself

Heat Resistant Paint Supplier Malaysia | Coating Specialist

Thermal resistance is a heat property and a temperature distinction quantification by which an object or material is resistant to heat flow. Heat-resistant materials are materials that, due to increased temperature operations, can protect various elements from heat generated. Due to the heating of sensitive parts including cooling lines used by refrigeration, cables and cables. These can reduce the likelihood of harmful off-gasing hazards. One of the examples for thermal resistance is sealant. Sealants According to professional heat resistant paint supplier in Malaysia, sealants are materials that bring the hole gap, in between the machine's solid parts to better withstand high temperature a

Renovation Contractor Malaysia | Residential & Commercial

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is a renovation contractor Malaysia, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. We aim to work towards and become a professional renovation contractor in Malaysia, our mission is to provide the best quality of building works in Malaysia. Therefore, we also target to manage a wide range of construction works in Malaysia such as residential, commercial, infrastructure, industrial and many more; from new to renovation projects. The scope of construction is including roofing, structural, flooring, wall, ceiling, landscape works to interior finishes. The private structure is having the most appeal dependent on our insights and experience, the

Precast Concrete Supplier in Malaysia | Type and Infrastructure

Precast concrete is a type of concrete product that is cast into a shape or mold and cured in a factory or controlled environment. Once the concrete is cured it will be sent to the project site or delivery location and put into used. Unlike the traditional way of concrete installation, it will not require to wait for the curing and able to install very quickly without the weather influence. Precast concrete also has a better shape and design available which is suitable for the uses of exterior wall protection and barrier. Precast concrete reduces the usage of formwork needed on sight and reduces the potential delay of the on-site work. On-site pouring of cement actually has its own advantage

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