Stainless Steel Pipe Supplier Malaysia | Steel Tube & More

Aathaworld is your preferred stainless steel pipe, tank, customized steel products supplier in Malaysia, cover KL Selangor, Klang Valley, Johor and other states of Malaysia. From French language, stainless steel is also called as inoxydable (inox steel). Steel alloy has a chromium content by mass at about 11% minimum as well as its carbon mass content is approximately 1.2% at the maximum. The world of metallurgy, many research and technical knowledge have been accumulated in which we could master through proper study. It is actually known as the domain of materials engineering and science comprise of metallic element’s behaviour such as its chemical and physical, mixture, compound within the

Civil Work Contractor Malaysia | Civil & Structural Works

Aathaworld is able to be your civil work contractor in Malaysia who can handle multiple wide range of services including the materials supply in order to ensure the appropriate construction products were in place for work. Basically, civil work is the work involved that is fixed to the property and it is unable to be modified easily such as wall hacks, renovation of bedroom, installation of countertop for the kitchen, tiling of the floors and more. Of course, we can broaden the topic and generalized the subject of civil engineering. In the civil engineering professionalism, it involves the design to construct as well as the maintenance of both natural and physically built environment, includ

Built-in Cabinet Supplier Malaysia | Carpentry & Woodworking

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is your preferred built-in cabinet supplier in Malaysia, we do provide design, supply and install for your properties. Built-in is a term used to describe an integrated component part to a larger construction, cabinet that has been installed into existing wall of the room will be known as built-in cabinet while the standalone one we bought from a standard furniture shop where the measurement is standardized and not being customized to fit in exactly to your house design will not be addressed as built-in. Cabinet is a furniture typically shaped like a box, with drawer, door while the storing capacity is more or less depends on the design. Although cabinet can be made from p

Floor Polishing Chemicals | Supplier & Contractor Malaysia

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd able to provide a complete floor polishing chemicals solution, inclusive of epoxy, methyl methacrylate (MMA) and polyurethane (PU) flooring for all kinds of floor surfaces. Floor finishes such as ceramic tile, clay tile, cement floor, stoned surface, granite, marble, wooden floor, vinyl floor and more. There are a wide range of buildings such as commercial building, low-rise, high-rise, residential building or industrial plant that requires refurbishment of floors for authentic purposes. Floor polishing chemicals supplier Malaysia certainly can provide hassle-free flooring complete solution, from idea proposal stage, design specification, chemicals supply, manpower install

Road Furniture Supplier Malaysia | Outdoor & Street Furnitures

Aathaworld can supply a wide range of road furniture, road signage, marking and other safety accessories. Road furniture is also known as street furniture or outdoor furniture, the installation of a specific piece of equipment or object is to achieve certain objectives such asf safety or more. Road furniture’s placement or design are usually made to ensure pedestrian mobility, visual identification, road safety and aesthetic purposes. There are several products that fall under this category of road furniture, such as traffic signs, traffic barrier, streetlamps, benches, post boxes, bus stops, taxi stands, fountains, memorials, waste receptacles, bollards, phone boxes, tram stops, public lava

Latex Supplier Malaysia | Cement Mortar Specialist

Aathaworld can supply latex as admixtures for cement mortar and bonding agent that can enhance the water resistance, bonding ability and flexibility. It can assist in cement mortar matrix strengthening. Latex can be used in plastering, screeding products, tile adhesive, bonding agent, repair mortar, masonry mortars, thin layer patching mortars, abrasion resistant linings, and more. Latex supplier Malaysia says that the purposes of using latex in all these products are to improve chemical resistance besides water, abrasion resistance, strengthen the adhesion, reduce the shrinkage probability, enhance non-corrosive ability, make the subject more flexible, workability and overall performance. M

Gate Grille Contractor Malaysia | Door & Window

Aathaworld can supply the gate and grille for door, window or merely as a standalone barrier of a space which adjoins with walls. Gateway, grille or gateway is entrance point to space or building, it is built to isolate, control or to prevent the intruding of individual, vehicle, animal or other foreign objects. A latch is also be installed to make sure it cannot be swing and of course the most important functions, to lowered and raised for gate opening. At the same time, gate contractor in Malaysia will normally provide the gate lock so can enhance the security. Actually, another form of gate can also be door since they are applied for the same purpose, which is safeguarding the building. M

White Oak Supplier Malaysia | Multiple Species Wood Specialist

Aathaworld is able to supply multiple timber products including mixed wood, wooden pallet and other woods for your projects, customized usage such as white oak, wooden pallet, yellow balau, kembang semangkok, meranti, dark red meranti, ash wood, walnut wood, red indian walnut wood, maple wood, hard maple, kempas wood, ksk semangkok, mdf board, mahogany, rough sawn wood, sapela, red balau, nyatoh, plywood, teak wood, europe oak, mixed wood, kasah wood, beech, oak, soft wood, pine (red and white pines), elm, fir, cedar, plain sawn, chengal, balau and more. White oak supplier in Malaysia can supply different types of wood, byproducts of it and even pallet that is made in timber or other wood fo

Sandwich Panel Supplier Malaysia | Polyurethane & Polystyrene

Sandwich panel is basically formed by two or more layers of different materials with unique properties, low-density as a core with at least a thin bonded layer on dual sides. Structural rigidity must be there coupled with lower in weight will make the sandwich panel suitable to be installed to building. According to sandwich panel supplier in Malaysia, the best features where this sandwich panel equipped with are its lightweight but high in strength. When it was first introduced into the market during mankind’s history, not much demand due to little believers of this technology, in terms of its workability, price, advantages and safety. As modernization of building industry and its material

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