Car Park Coating Contractor | Epoxy Floor Malaysia

Aathaworld is your preferred car park coating contractor Malaysia who can cover Klang Valley (KL and Selangor) and other states. Parking lot which is also known as car park, is an area cleared purposely for vehicles to be parked. It can be sheltered, multistorey, underground, elevated or open space, modern car park in some cities where overcrowded have even automated parking system using car lift. Car park has already designed intended for parking of vehicles and therefore its surface is built with durable coating. Parking lot construction has many standards to be complied by the developers and builders such as the minimum parking lot per floor, parking lot per block of building, parking lev

Fence Supplier Malaysia | Galvanized & PVC Coated

Aathaworld can supply and install multiple types of fencing including galvanized, pvc coated and other kinds of customizable fence. First of all, a fence is a structural area enclosure, especially installed outdoors. It will be constructed from multiple posts or poles connecting the main elements such as netting, rails, board and wires. The one key difference that defines fence from ordinary wall is that they do not have a solid strong foundation along the entire length of where fence is built. From mankind history we can discovered from our observation throughout many centuries, there is also another fencing alternative that involves more work to be done, it is known as the ditch in which t

Transformer Supplier Malaysia | Industrial Engineering Provider

The distribution of electricity to our homes and industrial sites is a complicated system comprising many levels of electrical components and power equipment, and one of them is the transformer. By definition, a transformer is a static electrical device that electrical energy from one circuit to another by the principle of electromagnetic induction. In today’s electrically powered community, transformers are ubiquitous in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Putting it simply, the role of a transformer is to adjust the voltage supplied within power networks to an appropriate voltage range corresponding to the applications involved. Transformers run on two central grounds, a step-u

PU Injection Malaysia | Supplier & Contractor

Waterproofing is a treatment process to make structure or object to be resisted as well as prevented from liquid penetration, the substrate is then received the coating that can make water repellent effect. Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is a leading waterproofing applicator that offers complete Polyurethane (PU) waterproofing solution, with multiple area types of application, to all range of buildings, such as commercial, residential building, school, hospital, infrastructure, low-rise, high-rise, and industrial plant. The area that we cover includes flooring, wall, roofing, tank, column, beam, ceiling, bridge and many more. We can do coating on concrete, steel and any other surfaces. Polyurethane inje

Conveyor System Supplier Malaysia | Project & Maintenance

Aathaworld provides optimal industrial solutions to many types of production plant and is your preferred conveyor system contractor for your customized manufacturing needs and applications. Since the industrial revolution, our economy today has been dominated by power-driven machines and smart automation in the interest of satisfying the needs of an ever-growing commercial market. In this age of modernization and technology, conveyor systems play an indispensable role to warrant the seamless stream of many operations in today’s unceasing supply-chains and manufacturing processes. A conveyor system is fundamentally a programmed material-handling mechanism that transports loads with minimal ma

Industrial Battery Supplier | Power System Malaysia

Batteries are containers encapsulating one or more cells, in which chemical reaction generates a flow of electrons, which by the very definition is a source of electricity. Unlike typical consumer grade batteries found in hand-held devices which operate within a narrow temperature range and have a short life expectancy, industrial grade applications demand more heavy-duty and reliable batteries that can survive long-term deployments in extreme environments, often in remote or off-the-grid locations, where wireless devices are expected to be self-powered for its entire operating life, lasting up to 40 years according to industrial battery supplier in Malaysia. In the dramatic growth of indust

Wooden Door Supplier and Contractor | Timber Specialist Malaysia

Aathaworld is capable to supply and install wooden door, covering KL Selangor, Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. There are more than two types of lumber, either rough-sawn or the surface on one to more faces. In addition to pulpwood, lumber in rough form is the furniture-making raw materials. Lumber can also be processed to plank and beam as structural purposes, its surfaces needed to be polished and treated with timber coating. There is another term for lumber in which it is called as wood. A door can be manufactured by multiple materials in addition to wooden door, including PVC, glass, steel, FRP, fibreglass and aluminium doors. In accordance with wooden door supplier in Malaysia

Aluminium Awning Malaysia | Supplier and Contractor

Aathaworld is aluminium awning, composite panel, roofing supplier and contractor for your projects in Malaysia. Aluminium is comprising of approximately 8% of total Earth’s crust and ranked number 3 most abundant among other elements, just right after oxygen and silicon. Originally, it is a ductile metal, soft, silvery white and non-magnetic materials, chemical element at the AI symbol with atomic number at 13th. Aluminium’s chief ore is bauxite and it can be very reactive, found in over two-hundreds and seventy different elements of the minerals. Aluminium has a very low in density and capable to achieve corrosion resistant, even the environment could make it unreactive (where we also known

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