Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Equipment Supplier Malaysia

Cleaning is an unwanted substance removal process, getting rid of impurities, infectious agents, dust, dirt, stains, bacteria, colours to more. The objects, method, environments can be varied and equipment to be used can also be very diverse depending on the situation. Its methodology can be broadly divided further into a solvent application process or get it done through mechanically. Commercial cleaning equipment supplier in Malaysia can subcategorize the processes into many types, ranges from dry cleaning, carbon dioxide cleaning, washing, abrasive blasting, pressurized washing, ultrasonic cleaning, megasonic cleaning, acoustic leaning, steam cleaning, sputter cleaning, flame cleaning, gr

Hospital Renovation & Maintenance Contractor Malaysia

Hospital is defined as an institutional health care place that is able to offer treatment, by trained medical specialists, nursing manpower together with medical equipment and specialized medicine. There is always one kind of hospital in every township in most developed countries that have basic infrastructural facilities built-up, called as the general hospital in accordance to hospital renovation contractor in Malaysia. General hospital is a hospital that is non-specialized, but it generally can treat all kinds of medical conditions including victims from sudden illness, fire accident, car accident or other emergency health issues. The hospital can also have meaning by separating the word

Heat Exchanger Contractor Malaysia | New and Maintenance

Heat exchanger is a system that is fabricated to make a heat transferring between at least two or few more fluids, it can be actually used for heating and cooling processes. Solid walls will be built to separate the fluid for the prevention of mixture directly or have potential contact with each other. It has been applied from as big as petrochemical plants, refinery of petroleum, processing of natural gas, plants of chemical, power generation station, sewage treatment setup, space heating to smaller applications such as air-conditioning and refrigerator. Heat exchanger contractor in Malaysia is able to service almost all ranges of industries, but some chose to be more specialized in certai

Self Sustaining Home Contractor Malaysia | Design & Build

Aathaworld is your self sustaining home contractor in Malaysia who can carry out design and build for you, from self-sustainable energy to highly secured building. It is important to have at least some sort of features of any house to have self-sustaining, due to the unforeseen factors and risks that happen with a closely integrated world. For instance, coronavirus or COVID-19 health crisis that happens all around the world starting from the end of year 2019. This virus has already affected every country, every village and corner to household regardless of religion, race, wealth status, reputation, gender to age. Therefore, it is essential to consider the inclusion of self-sustainable and se

SCADA System Supplier & Contractor Malaysia | Industrial & Commercial

Aathaworld provides SCADA systems for both industrial and commercial buildings, including supply, install, new plants and maintenance of existing setup as a SCADA system supplier in Malaysia. SCADA allows companies to carry out the data acquisition, control, distribution, analysis, communication between business units with higher efficiency. It allows organization to run better through downtime mitigation, the setup can be implemented to a wide range of sectors including manufacturing, recycling, transportation, water treatment, energy, power plant, food processing mill, oil and gas. For a typical SCADA system to begin with, it must consist of remote terminal units, RTUs or PLCs (programmabl

Plumbing Contractor Malaysia | New & Repair

Aathaworld is your plumbing contractor Malaysia who can supply, install, service of maintenance for new and existing projects. We cover industrial plants, commercial and residential buildings as well as other types of infrastructural projects. Technically speaking, plumbing is actually referring to a system that is able to carry out fluids conveying from various application ranges. Mechanism and parts involved in the system include related apparatuses, various tanks, piping, valves, plumbing fixtures and more. Many people do not know if waste removing, water delivery, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning) cannot be classified as plumbing works but instead, all these disciplines need

Lifting Equipment Supplier Malaysia | Crane Supply and Service

Aathaworld is your preferred lifting equipment supplier in Malaysia who can supply and install those lifting equipment that are able to assist in many construction, maintenance, industrial, advertisement, infrastructure, decoration, event, exhibition, fashion, retail to many other sectors and purposes. Lifting is an important subject in multiple disciplines whereas it is defined as load lowering and lifting operation, despite what and how the load be. Equipment is also known as a machine used to lift up items, people or another equipment. For instance, it can perform carrying, holding, moving vertically or other direction while can be done manually or other forms. Lifting equipment supplier

Rockfall Protection Contractor Malaysia | Rockfall Barrier

Aathaworld is your preferred rockfall protection contractor in Malaysia who can design, supply and install safety barriers for the prevention of rock falling down. Prevention or control of rockfall can be built with active or passive methods. The installation of a protection system can also guard against the debris from falling down. Wide range of materials can be applied for such systems, from wholly new developed areas, to sloppy places that have not been stabilized with proper setup. Soil stabilization has no fixed measuring standards and rocks have a lot of inconsistent behaviour. Design for such a system must be flexible, based on experience, skillset, creative working procedures to pro

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