Ship Deck Contractor Malaysia | Supply and Install

Deck is observable everywhere since it is defined almost identically as to a floor, but it is built generally as an exterior floor. At the same time, decking will be able to carry weight from a dead load to live weight such as human traffic. Ship deck contractor in Malaysia says constructed decks are typically linked with existing buildings while raised up from the ground. The word of deck is also being utilized on ships where it can be known as a covering built as the compartment in the ship, usually constructed permanently regardless of the primary or upper side of the structure. Main deck will be extended from bow all the way to the stern, located at the uppermost in which the deck will b

Green Building Consultant Malaysia | Design & Construct

Engaging a design build contractor team with consulting capability is important whereas they can exhaust all range of skill sets for building design optimization with the materials utilization, for the sake of reaching maximum efficiency overall. Green building consultant in Malaysia explains that the certified green building is also a sustainable building from the stages of planning to constructing it, while having design, operation, demolition, renovation and maintenance. These processes utilization shall be responsible to the environment and efficient in using relevant resources in the whole life-cycle of a building. Without the existence of any single doubt, the collaboration between all

Mountain Trail Contractor Malaysia | Forest Park & Garden Farm

Aathaworld can be your ideal mountain trail contractor in Malaysia to carry out paving and other related works, including pavement on forest, woods, garden, jungle. The flooring can be done with materials such as clay bricks, concrete, stone, asphalt or even leave the natural clay and sand there but install some other reinforcement jobs. Mountain trail is a very popular outdoor place for many people to visit, leisurely to have some gathering among friends and family. They can carry out their hiking, biking, jogging and even to carry on any sightseeing there on the trail that can be called also to unpaved lane, path, road or track. This walking trail can also be built along highways, river, g

Tank Lining Contractor | Surface Treatment Malaysia

Tank lining is a surface treatment method applied on commercial and industrial fabricated tanks in order to achieve certain purposes or multiple functions. However, it can also be done on residential containers, functional vessels, pipes and other equipment in various sectors. Storage tank is a container constructed for the storing of water, chemical, oil and gas that can be presented in a wide range of designs, patterns, vertical, horizontal, shapes and sizes. Tank lining contractor in Malaysia says that raw materials that can be used to build these tanks include fibreglass, plastic, stone, steel and concrete. Some examples of storage tanks are Water Storage Tanks, Sulfuric Acid Tanks, Fuel

Mould Supplier Malaysia | Moulding Materials Fabrication

Aathaworld is your preferred mould supplier in Malaysia who can offer several material types for any of your applications in the wide range of industries. Moulding or molding is actually the production process involving raw materials including liquid that are flexible through the application of a tough frame. This strong mould is usually very rigid and it can be called as the matrix, certain model, shape or pattern will be pre-fabricated in accordance to the design of end products that wanted to be. The difference of mould and mold is only because of spelling application, Mould is the common British while American addresses it as Mold. However shared by mould supplier Malaysia that, both of

Space Design Contractor Malaysia | Commercial & Industrial

Aathaworld can be your preferred space design contractor in Malaysia, it is essential to understand and create the areas around, below, above and within the room to make space to be what your ideal design for. Especially for residential and commercial units that want to utilize their limited space to create a better lifestyle or working area of daily activities. For example, the living room is a part where everyone wants to focus on at first since it is a gathering place for most of the family members, friends or visitors who pay a tour into the house. The room also carries out activities such as reading, television watching, having tea time, talking and entertainment is so important for eve

Exhibition Contractor Malaysia | Design and Build

Aathaworld can be your preferred design and build contractor for exhibition booths in mall, outdoor and indoor event space. Exhibition is a very grand periodic show that can be held annually, twice a year, once every two year or more. Exhibition can be held for only a day, few days to a week too, depending on the size, industry and frequency of this specific exhibition. Exhibition has a very main objective, in which the commercial trade is direct sales, information exchange and negotiation between suppliers and consumers. There are Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) or mixed models, but the main purpose is still reaching the potential new customers by showcasing existi

Staircase Contractor Malaysia | Fabricate and Install

Aathaworld can construct and install the stairway that allows you to access the higher place of the building through the division of constructed small steps to bridge the vertical distance. The floors can be as low as few storeys and it can be reached by installation of stairs, while taller buildings might achieve more time-saving when escalators are built. Stairs are a must for both low and high rise buildings since during the breakdown of escalators or elevators, tenants and users are still able to go up-and-down through the staircase. During the fire accident, all people in the building must be evacuated using stairs instead of other facilities including elevators. Staircase contractor in

Marine Pump Supplier Malaysia | Marine Equipment

Marine industry has been successful due to the global goods demand required to be met by its supply and therefore create the needs of many classical maritime activities including manufacturing, design, construct, maintenance to supply of those vessels and its parts. Then, it has been developed further to ship crewing, management and operation of shipping lines. Marine pump supplier in Malaysia is able to cater for these markets as well as the growing sector, the cruise ship. Sea cruise is having bigger demand when human life standards have been improved and they take cruise for enjoyment. Ships used to be an important transportation tool for people in the ancient times to other regions of th

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