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Wood for Your Building

Wood Tiny House Malaysia

Hi all, we are talking about real wood instead of artificial wood here. Why should we use wood in your house or building, from external material such as decking, wall, roof to furnitures, cabinets, ceiling, door and windows etc. Let's explore more together now

Environmentally friendly

It is definitely a green material and absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) by its nature, limiting the CO2 release into atmosphere. Many regulation has been enforced where a new tree has to be planted for every tree which has been chopped. Hence, theoretically, there will be more wood on this planet for carbon absorption. Good to have more young and new trees as in they absorb more carbon than the mature trees, helps in the climate change issues.

Water Resistant

Although different wood has different absorption rates in term of moisture and water, but appropriate treatment of coating will help in every type of wood without affecting their natural features such as absorption of CO2, as coating nowadays allows wood to breath (air molecules can travel but not liquid molecules).

Wood Interior Design Malaysia

Non-rusty Wood will oxidize in some form but it is so insignificant comparing with metal (although some metals don't rust too, but they are much more expensive), wood doesn't rust and save you a lot of headaches.

Acoustically Sound

Of course, wood is not the first insulator material, but it is good at preventing bouncing echoes within the space by absorbing waves of the sound. It is commonly used in concert room, church and wall partition for rooms.

Safe, Light, Sturdy & Durable

Wood is light in weight but anyhow it does not tolerant in safety issue, that is why it always being one of the favourite materials for engineers and architects.

Wood is flexible in term of bending where bricks and other materials might not allow, so when foundation has some shifting, it tolerate such movement rather than cracking (where brick-made house cause the mortar to be cracked).

Additionally, wooden built house are highly suitable for rural areas where cost and soil are factors. Flood or weak soil will cause house to be damaged and needed to be rebuilt, but this kind of natural forest material allows them to be lighter compared to bricks (which requires lesser cost on the foundation and also rebuild cost is cheaper too).

Wooden House Malaysia

Mechanical Properties & Working Properties

The hardness of wood can be varied depending on the type of tree used, and different application requires different hardness.

Nevertheless, the tensile strength and breaking length of wood are high in compared to similar material which makes it highly suitable for many application, such as laminated wood used for sport flooring.

Wood is easy to be fixed and maintained, even you want to DIY. Its workability and design-friendly also play a main reasons why designer and carpentry can modify something special for owners.

Artistically Friendly

Grains are wonderful and natural which is irreplaceable by other artificial material. There are nearly 6000 different wood species to opt for when comes to design and construction needs. In term of heat and sound insulation, colour, grain, and also vary according to your requirement (application) such as floor, wall, frame, furniture or ceiling.

It can be customized into any design desires because it can be waxed, coated, varnished, cut, glued, nailed or engraved into any colour and pattern.

Interior Wooden Design Malaysia

Quick to Build: Saves Money

From drawing or planning for wooden structures building, constructor normally agree that it is easier to follow compared to steel frame, concrete or brick. They also agree that wooden framed houses can be modified easily during or after constructed due to its cost, workability and conveniences in sourcing.

For example, you can complete a 100m2 of wooden house within 7 days, time and labour cost savings are a lot. As it can continue in terrible weather, without any hassle (concrete house building process can't be carried out during rainy day most of the time).

Energy Efficient & Insulation

Wood is a suitable material in all kind of adverse situation, as you saves bill in heating and cooling due to its superior insulation. Retaining energy (hot or cold air to or from building) in hot weather or rainy cold weather.

Air humidity does not affect expansion of wood severely and wood dries and becomes harder when in touch with heat, in comparison with steel and other material which are non-combustible will be expanded, weaken or even structure collapse when get heated.

​Research has showed that the heat conductivity of different materials (faster than wood):

Glass - 23 times

Marble - 90 times

Steal - 1650 times

Aluminum - 7000 times

Wooden Home Malaysia

Healthy & Natural

Wood does not emit any electrostatic charge (which is unhealthy to human) and helps to regulate humidity. This type of natural humidity regulator can help people in respiratory system. Some people also claim that it assist in relaxing the nervous system by merely looking the room or building with wood.

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