DIY Used Glass Window

April 4, 2017

There are so many unused or recycled glass window when you renovate or moved, all these should not be just treat it as waste. Instead of selling to the collector for crushing and recycled, there are many ways you can fully utilize creatively.  


For example, you can use it as a planter box cover for your vegetables, just lay some bricks around the plant with the glass frame cover sitting on top.



Even you can use it as a plant and flower house with raised up stand with the glass frame roof.

 Planter Box Hanger attached at external wall of the house.



Furthermore, you can also do a sliding type cabinet using its frame. (picture on your left)





































Tiny coffee table with magazine container (top

picture) and also the cabinet with drawer type as per photo shown on the left.






The following are some of other examples where you can utilize to put your necklaces, postcards and letters etc.





Of course, you can also use for glass whiteboard mounted on your wall.




Photo credit sources: woohomes and allshadesblue@wordpress.




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