Epoxy Supplier Malaysia | Epoxy Flooring Contractor Malaysia

June 10, 2017

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is able to supply and apply epoxy system (paint or coating) for flooring in Malaysia, from repair existing to new concrete floor, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states in Malaysia.


As a full service epoxy flooring supplier and contractor, we specialize in car park flooring, offices, restaurants, cafes, retail stores, shopping malls, supermarket, factories, garages, warehouses, production or manufacturing floor, industrial plants, automobile facilities, aircraft hangars, airport runaway, resorts, sports complexes, community halls, hospitals, residential, commercial, showrooms, hotels, food & beverages and laboratory.


Today, let us explore together how normally epoxy flooring contractor Malaysia do the epoxy application work step-by-step.


Substrate Preparation

First step, epoxy flooring specialist will get the surface ready, the surface where the epoxy paint or coating to be applied. Diamond-grinding, sanding then clean with chemical if any surfaces with oil contamination. Substrate preparation is essential because epoxy contractor needs to make sure the bonding and adhesiveness of substrate and epoxy material are there.


Secondly, epoxy flooring contractor will also sweep and clean the floor by using an industrial vacuum. All the dusts and residues must be cleared before applying the primer underneath the epoxy paint. Any dust particles attached to the coat definitely will reduce the adhesion strength dramatically. Also, you can save cost from applying lesser primer since the micro-dust on the substrate has been reduced.


Epoxy Primer & Cracks Filling

Third step, a quality epoxy supplier and contractor in Malaysia will always advise you to apply epoxy primer on your floor because it provides longer lifespan and create superior adhesion level to the substrate. Moreover, it can help to reduce the materials required in stages later.


Additionally, applying primer also mean to seal the floor or substrate, eliminate the possibility of gasses and bubbles. In case the primers are in two parts which commonly supplied by epoxy primer supplier in Malaysia, have to ensure the mixing is carried out evenly. Finally, two layers of epoxy primer coats will be applied to make sure floor is sealed properly.


Fourth step can also be third step where epoxy coating specialist can fill in holes and cracks with epoxy grout, before or after epoxy primer is being applied. If the cracks are thin, diamond cutter can be used for slicing to improve grout’s anchoring before filling in epoxy grout.



Epoxy Floor Coating Application

Before application, previous primer contents in the container must be cleared from the c