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Waterproofing membrane in Malaysia is commonly applied for buildings, it is basically a layer of thin material that is water tight. Waterproofing membrane can be laid on top of slab before covered with any top finishes such as tiles, vinyl, decking and others. The substrate must also have some kind of slope so the water does not stay stagnant but further redirect to the drain. Any puddle must be filled before apply the membrane because no point having membrane protection, water remains at the puddle will still penetrate through the slab over some time.

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Today, we want to introduce two types of waterproofing membrane, liquid and sheet based membrane. The waterproofing membrane is naturally having high elasticity, flexible, strong and resistant to tear, these properties help in crack cover and adjustable with the building movement. UV Resistant waterproofing membrane should be applied for outdoor which is exposed to sunlight. Waterproofing membrane is normally flexible enough and can be used for both wall, or any other shapes.

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Liquid Waterproofing Membrane

Liquid based membrane can be brush-on, spray on or torch on, the advantage of this type of membrane is that it can be cured naturally at a proper ventilation environment. The thickness can be adjusted by applying more layer overlapping. Liquid membrane allows quick application; hence it can be completed within a day by most of the waterproofing contractor in Malaysia. Waterproofing contractor Malaysia does so also because of the cold joint avoidance, sometime the area might be too large and could not being completed in a day, then apply another new layer of overlapping membrane on top of the old membrane layer will solve the cold joint issue.

Spray on Waterproofing Membrane

Drying is also not an issue in Malaysia, so the waterproofing contractor in Malaysia has less headache in tropical country like in Malaysia, where sunlight is always there and drying up the liquid membrane is never a problem. Adhesiveness of membrane should be good enough to make sure it would not tear off or break just like how it happens when the thickness of membrane is not sufficient.

Commonly to be seen, waterproofing contractor Malaysia will allocate sand over the membrane which is still wet and not fully dried, it is to make sure surface is rough enough where the concrete screeding can adhere to after the layer of waterproofing membrane. Liquid based membrane also a preferred type for waterproofing contractor in Malaysia who do mostly complex shape building jobs that require flexibility of application to avoid joint-leakage issue.

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Sheet Based Waterproofing Membrane

The waterproofing membrane supplier can supply waterproofing membrane that comes in sheet form, also mean it is in roll form, popular type is bituminous waterproofing membrane (hot tar based adhesive), applying it using blowtorch on the substrate.

The joints of this type of membrane must be handled carefully to avoid unnecessary leakage in the future, normally melt and join these overlapped membranes by approximately 100mm on each joint is enough to settle the joint concern. Torch on membrane is also a well-accepted method for waterproofing contractor in Malaysia to carry out their waterproofing job.

Waterproofing membrane supplier in Malaysia offers wide range of options such as composite membranes, PU injection, PU membrane, PVC membrane, self-adhesive membrane. Composite membrane is made by fabric which propose high level of resistance to tear and strength.