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Sand Supplier Malaysia

Coarse sand and fine sand are part of quarry like other materials that excavated from the ground such as rock, stone, riprap, aggregate, slate or gravel. Sand is actually some grainy materials made by mineral and rock particles, much coarser than silt and finer when compared to gravel, when it is measured by size. Sand cannot be renewed and it is defined as non-renewable resources and sand is highly demanded for concrete making. Sand carries a huge portion of the cement mixture, sometimes even more than cement itself, properties of concrete will be highly depending on the type and ratio of sand utilized during the concrete making process.

Aggregates Supplier Malaysia

Cement, stones (or gravel), water and sand are major elements to form concrete. Typically, the Portland cement carries ten to fifteen percent out of hundred in the total. Sand and other aggregate mixtures generally contributed seventy-five percent of the total composition. Sand can fill up the spaces in between other types of elements, aggregates will be coated by those wet cement and therefore after it dries, hardens or cures, the sand and gravel are locked where maximum strength of concrete is created.