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Stamped Concrete Supplier Malaysia

Imprint concrete is also known as stamped concrete, defined as concrete that is textured, embossed or patterned to make it similar to slate, brick, stone, wood, flagstone, tile or other intended designs. These are common to be applied for pool decks, sidewalks, patios, driveways, interior and exterior flooring. The main purpose of use stamped or imprinted concrete is to save cost, resembling them instead of purchasing the real flooring materials such as tiles, bricks or stones.

Imprint Concrete Supplier Malaysia

Driveway and Walkway

Imprint Concrete for walkway and driveway before reaching the front door are very important, they are the first impressions direction that you wish to lead your client towards. Since some people might just go for the driveway pavement instead of imprint concrete, but they forget to consider and many imprint concrete supplier Malaysia will advise beforehand that paving block might deteriorate in a shorter period of time.

Granite Look Imprint Concrete Supplier Malaysia

As most of the stamped concrete supplier Malaysia can do a wide range of moulded shapes to match the garden and the overall design of your house style, home owner nowadays will still opt for this selection when it comes to walkway concrete materials. Not only shapes, textures, patterns, colours of the imprint concrete, the finishes can even be further polished and enhanced with stains.

Imprint Pool Cocnrete Decking


Traditional materials for patio can be a headache when it comes to the unwanted growth of wild plants and constant cracking of slabs, the maintenance cost definitely will hurt your wallet. Yet, many choose to go for it as an alternative to expensive decking that might even cause problems such as rotting, aging and annoying pests which need to hire pest control and cleaning service to eliminate; therefore, patio that has superior strength and rot-free has become their second choice.

Imprint Concrete Supplier Malaysia

Imprint concrete contractor Malaysia claims that stamped concrete has an environmentally-friendly material making process in the sense cement, aggregate, sand and water are only required as element which all of them can be produced at site in a natural way; comparing to factory-made building materials such as patio or paver which requires much energy as well as discharge of waste and pollution.