Concrete Repair Contractor Malaysia

October 29, 2017

Concrete wall and slab are everywhere, it is very essential elements for the whole building, maintain it to make sure defects are identified and repaired is extremely important before it causes further structural or other linked problems. Those defects that we need to pay attention to learn and fix it will be listed here today for all of you.

Concrete’s hairline cracks may cause further issues if it is not being cured when it was being discovered, the structure integrity of the building might be affected no matter it is from flooring and wall. Concrete repair contractor in Malaysia always advise home owner or building owner, fix when it is still a tiny issue that allows mini cost and effort to recover it, but general public’s concept is always “wait and see” which subsequently costs more time, efforts and cost to repair it.

Common Concrete Defects

Cracking is the most common problem that we have seen in overall regardless of concrete slab or concrete wall. Few of the reasons why it happens are due to drying shrinkage, subgrade settlement, thermal contraction and others. Definitely, prevention is always better than curing after problem arises; however, achieving best prevention result has to evaluate from few aspects and first of it will be mixture of concrete.

Concrete repair contractor Malaysia has wide experience and often recommend users to get from reliable premix concrete supplier in Malaysia to ensure the mixing ratio is optimized and consistent, inappropriate and inadequate concrete mixes strength definitely will cause cracks, it is just a matter of time. Furthermore, unsuitably sited of joints for tension control will most likely cause a future crack.

Concrete surface scaling also known as spalling is also quite common among concrete crack origins, it is caused by low surface strength. Technically speaking by most concrete repair contractor in Malaysia is due to insufficient content level of water after overworked on the surface or the bleed water remains on the surface during slab finishing. Other factors that cause surface scaling are improper curing, high content degree of freezable water (also called as late season pours most of the time), inadequate air or no entrainment of air at all can subsequently cause this also.

Concrete that has sufficient air entrainment still scale because of the above reason mentioned just now. Universally, scaled surface of concrete will have depth degradation of 1.5mm to up to 5mm for the 1st year, curing issue of concrete is no longer within control of the contractor and owner.