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Acoustic Panel Supplier Malaysia | Sound Insulation Materials

November 15, 2019

Aathaworld can provide acoustic panel for your ceiling, wall and other components usage. Acoustic material has a function to either manipulate, direct or control those sound waves that could happen in solids, liquids or gases as well as materials that have certain intrinsic stiffness degrees and mass. Sound insulation measures the level of sound waves to permeate through certain substrat, demonstrating through sound transmission. The permeated sound and incident sound’ decibels difference can express such loss in sound transmission. According to acoustic panel supplier in Malaysia, another term for sound insulation also known as soundproofing, it is defined as either blocking the noise to leave the room or enter into a room. Materials of the wall and floor are two major components to carry out such purpose. Studio that run on recording is very emphasizing on soundproofing but keeping sounds that are not wanted out from it and preventing noise from outside the room permeating into the room. For commercial such as office and factory, soundproof is important to prevent the activity or discussion in that room disturbing the next door or even it is applicable for the upgrading site in the construction industry.

For both residential houses and commercial shoplot, it is kind of normal to have renovation works to be carried out and the importance of sound insulation is then needed to be taken care of, emphasized by acoustic panel supplier Malaysia. Annoyance of sounds such as drilling a hole, hacking a door, sawing some carpentry works will make the neighbouring building or even adjacent room to be disturbed. By limiting the sound transmission rate, neighbouring will appreciate the enjoyment of peacefulness. Another example of how sound insulation plays an important role would be the hotel room where strangers staying at the same building, same row, or even extended to up-down floors. Privacy of each and every room shall be respected through proper sealed wall and ceiling insulation panel, and therefore, it is the main market for acoustic panel supplier in Malaysia. It is also a minimum requirement for a non-budget hotel and up to starred hotel. Secondly, condominium should have high level of soundproofing because of security and healthy living environment. Imaging neighbour is being awakened by baby’s cry, loud television or party during the night, the stress level and unhealthy relationship will be worse. Putting aside noise made by man made or electronic appliances, the vehicle on the street, rain, thunderstorm or other external noise created by other buildings could also destroy the silence of the room.