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Car Park Coating Contractor | Epoxy Floor Malaysia

January 28, 2020

Aathaworld is your preferred car park coating contractor Malaysia who can cover Klang Valley (KL and Selangor) and other states. Parking lot which is also known as car park, is an area cleared purposely for vehicles to be parked. It can be sheltered, multistorey, underground, elevated or open space, modern car park in some cities where overcrowded have even automated parking system using car lift. Car park has already designed intended for parking of vehicles and therefore its surface is built with durable coating. Parking lot construction has many standards to be complied by the developers and builders such as the minimum parking lot per floor, parking lot per block of building, parking levels and space between each vehicle. Car park coating contractor in Malaysia claims that even motorist parking has to be incorporated into the parking lot planning as more and more drivers opt to go for motorcycle riding to cities for the sake of traffic jam prevention. As technological advancement does to many industries, building owners can now incorporates the sensor light to the top of each floor ceiling in the car park lot so visitors can check where is the nearest parking space lot available to them easily. At the same time, more and more startups or building management in different cities develop their own application on the phone to allow visitors to preview and pre-book their parking time with payment over credit reload. Time and energy savings can be achieved when a proper car park system are built from before entering to the parking lot to payment prior to exit of the building.

Car park coating contractor Malaysia wishes to emphasize also on the water pollution issue on the parking lots, due to the impervious surfaces that are extensive. Urban runoff happens whenever rain happens that fall onto the car park (example, open space), the water drains away from the building or on the piece of land is known as “runoff”.  Especially car park lots that built along the roadside, contributes to the majority of the issue for water pollution in urbanized areas. Therefore, collection of runoff needed to be done through constructing the parking lots effectively. Car park coating contractor in Malaysia also claims that, a proper planned carpark system will ease the flooding occurrence as well as causing any unwanted driving safety issue. One of the key contributors among all vehicles is the motorist because of the motor oil, gasoline, heavy metal and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). This PAHs can be found in crude oil, gasoline and coal naturally; creation of it can also happen when burning of tobacco, garbage, timber, gas, oil and coal element. Eventually these elements will go to waterways and bring health effects to humans, since it will cause long term consequences such as liver damage, kidney failure, cataracts and jaundice as in it will also form small air particles through binding of multiple sources generated PAHs.

Luckily speaking and shared by car park coating con