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Co-working Office Renovation Contractor Malaysia | Design Build Manage

May 7, 2019

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is able to do renovation work for coworking office in Malaysia, covering KL Selangor, Klang Valley and other states. Office tower and landed office lot are both of our specialization in which we can include design, supply, build, lease and manage. Coworking office has very obvious and popular demands where office requires consistent professional management from idea stage to post-maintenance to ensure best quality fittable to tenants of the office. At the same time, a coworking space allows multiple companies, including start-ups, freelancer, multinational-corporation (MNC), small-medium enterprise (SME) and micro-SME to work together at the same place to enjoy headacheless features from multiple-brain, centralized services such as receptionist, parcel collection, cleaning, maintenance and basic utilities. Of course, many coworking office renovation contractors in Malaysia mentions that many enterprises or entrepreneurs might still unaware of the arising of coworking offices and its affiliated benefits due to passive marketing in the general sectors. A lot of these businesses will work at the cafe in different locations while enjoying coffee, even for their meeting with business partners and customers. However, there are still plenty of business owners who will work at their own home or in the retail shop.

Frankly speaking, a proper office atmosphere is better while it is being compared to home working environment in term of the effectiveness and minimal distraction level. In the house, there are several elements contributing to the disturbing factor such as bed, pets, family, entertaining electronic appliance like TV. Structure a work-life separation by office-home venue makes more sense to proceed with efficiency and effectiveness. Coworking allows higher productivity as well as confident level according to research, such as Office Vibe’s featured study. The statistics show the percentage of entrepreneurs who are in the survey have about 90% of them who are more confident, 68% increased of focus level and 64% of enhanced productivity. According to the coworking office renovation contractor Malaysia claims that one of the drivers to succeed among entrepreneurs is the environment, in which every startup or fighter is so targeted on their respective projects where they are passionate in. At the same time, the feel of loneliness in the entrepreneur’s life can be eliminated through a proper orientation in coworking environment. Mental health is very important and potential negative input that causes unfavourable effects needed to be removed, such as isolated lone ranger situation. Upon improved psychological health, many possibilities can be achieved and continuous enhancement can be done. Human is a species that requires consistent interaction in their daily life as well as work. Coworking environment can assist in the sense of multiple aspects such as happiness, social and energetics to tenants. Furthermore, this environment has all the like-minded entrepreneurs who have chosen to have independent lifestyle that are similar.