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September 24, 2019

Floor Hardener is commonly referred to as the concrete hardener chemical that used for increasing the impact strength, durability, and abrasion-resistant for the flooring. It is usually freshly placed concrete flooring produces a hard, dense, wear-resistant surface which resists corrosion and absorption of grease, oils, and chemical. Floor hardener can be applied to the nonmetallic surface. It is commonly used in a much more heavy-duty area such as car basement, warehouse, hallway, extreme sports zone, education institutions, loading bay, industrial, and some of the commercial building. Floor Hardener is a complex chemical and must be adjusted accordingly to achieve the standard. It is always advised to have a professional installer to the application like the Aathaworld so that floor specification can be guarantee and prolong the service. Personnel that is unfamiliar with the product is not advised to do it alone and must refer to the specialist guideline and step required. Floor Hardener is not a necessary thing for floor application but if you wish to implement it best to hire the one with more experience. 

Floor Hardener Type
They are a lot of floor hardener type that is available in the market but one of the famous ones is the granolite floor hardener. It is a specially formulated cement that mixed with hard wear-resistant quarts aggregate and water-reducing agents to ensure the concrete surface is stiff and hard. It can also be used as a dust coat to be placed on a fresh concrete floor to increase its abrasion and weather resistant. Although using floor hardener for your flooring application is gonna cost you a small fortune but throughout the benefit it provides is definitely pay off. Granolite coated surface is able to retain its color for a long period of time. For most of the application such as workshop and sports, the flooring requires a clean and flat surface to maintain its operation. Furthermore, an unpresentable floor for a workshop will drag down some of the sales and so does the sports flooring. In order to reduce all the hassle using a floor hardener for your heavy-duty or high traffic flooring application is the best option. To know more about other available types of flooring hardener please contact a flooring specialist or Aathaworld.

Floor Hardener Installation
Floor hardener flooring require a few machine and tools to flatten and mix equally for the flooring. The first and foremost is the trowel which is mainly used for flattening the surface of the concrete. Floor hardener concrete has lower workability so a manual trowel is required to ensure the surface is flat enough to ensure it flat before becoming concrete. Another tool such as tools rattle is used as the coloring tool for the concrete surface for faster and easier installation. After the concrete flooring is almost done the other required tool is the floor grinder machine. Its main purpose is for polishing the surface of a floor especially the concrete flooring. This method allow the flooring to be much more dust resistant and better abrasion-resistant. This method also reduced the porosity of the surface concrete that prevents chemical and water sipping through the floor and damage the flooring base. All of these tools are usually equipped by flooring specialist and should you thinking to do the flooring yourself than the initial cost required would be very high. Aathaworld flooring specialist has all the required tool to do all the flooring hardening work so hiring us to make it easy for you.

Floor Hardener Advantages, application, and other possibilities
Floor hardener provide a lost of benefit to flooring such as abrasion-resistant, slip-resistant, chemical resistant, scratch-resistant, water-resistant, UV resistant which all can be customized according to your flooring application need. The floor hardening can be applied on your garage flooring as well so that you have a clean and flat working area. Floor hardener is also used in many industrial flooring to ensure its longevity even exposure to some harmful chemicals or long term vibration damage. Other than floor hardener other floorings such as PU and epoxy flooring is also a good choice for heavy-duty flooring and have more color available for selection too. If you have more ideas please do enquire Aathaworld for it and we are happy to consult as much as possible.