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April 19, 2018

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is able to provide glass design, glass fabrication, glass door, glass window supply, glass door and window install, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. We aim to be leading glass fabricator, glass supplier and glass contractor in Malaysia, that is why we promise to deliver best quality of glass supply and installation in Malaysia.

Glass has its existence since many decades ago, it is a unique universal material that can be used in many industries, including consumer goods, health & science, research & development (R&D), automotive, food & beverage (F&B), construction and industrial sectors.

Glass is a widely accepted material because of its irreplaceable properties in term of chemical, thermal, mechanical and optical. Glass supplier in Malaysia is very competitive due to the cost of raw material is cheap, for example, sand. Therefore, glass is being utilized in almost everywhere in building, its versatility covers from doors, windows, partitions, roof, decorative, façade to some extent, floor panel. The most basic form of glass is fragile theoretically, but it can be glazed, toughened or carry on further enhancement before proceeding to its actual purpose by glass supplier Malaysia. There are so many types of treatment can be done to glass but its functionalities and advantages can be summarized in the following points.


Without a doubt, glass is extremely good-looking and attractive because of its simplicity, neatness, elegance and gleam. It is so pleasing in which glass supplier in Malaysia still feel impressed by the beauty of glass, even though those people have been working on it and facing on it for so long. It is so appealing which then makes it suitable to be specified into any modern building design in the city, architects in Malaysia love glass and always allocate glass as first priority whenever they want building material that offers transparency, contemporary and eye-catching.


Glass supplier in Malaysia always claim that glass can do miracle, any shapes they manufacture and supply, up to the requirement of building designer or owner. Innovation is something that even sky is not the limit, it depends heavily on the creativity of architect and property owner. A lot of stylish glass types can be formed and installed, including pattern, colours, thickness, sizes. Glass contractor in Malaysia can also install the glass into other interior fittings of the building such as partition, staircase, ceiling and many more; as per mentioned above, imagination level is the only factor stops the creation of this special made building material, i.e. glass.

Space saving

From the perspective of visual and actual, glass can create more space to a building ideally. For instance, a building built with brick and mortar seems smaller than those built with glass externally. In term of interior, glass contractor Malaysia suggests that the owner should use glass partition instead of building partition using brick, gypsum board or wooden panel. The rationale here works very simple, because with the same thickness of all the materials, glass can create more space visually and even a small studio unit can look larger too.

Energy Efficiency

Put aside special made insulated glass by glass supplier Malaysia, classical glass panel also allows energy saving. The basic theory works in this way, it permits natural daylight from outside, i.e. sunlight to emit into the building. Whenever there is more external free source of lighting can be directed into the property, the lesser the needs to switch on the human made lighting sources which is then transfer into cheaper electricity bill due to lowered power consumption. Additionally, glass contractor in Malaysia encourages to also build glass on those areas that requires higher temperature due to exposure to sun heat; because glass is a poor insulation material naturally, therefore, reduce the needs on any electrical appliances. This also applies to the countries that have hotter climates, such as Malaysia; with added on insulation system on the glass, property utilizes natural light during daytime and at the same time, external heat cannot transmit yet air-conditioner’s cool air trapped in the room.


In accordance to glass supplier in Malaysia, they supply many glasses to those buildings that are being built on top of high hill, property surrounded by natural foresty or high-rise building that developers prefer to construct. Those buildings require glass design, for the purpose of not wasting the nice views bordered around the office or condominium blocks. First, developer can sell for higher price on those building constructed with full transparent glass; Second, tenant also wish to enjoy both day and night views whenever they are within the build