Industrial Piping Contractor Malaysia | Liquids and Gases

November 5, 2018

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is your preferred industrial piping system supplier and contractor Malaysia, from existing to new piping, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states in Malaysia. As an industrial piping fabricator and maintenance specialist, we are able to supply and install in multiple types of pipeline such as concrete pipe, mild steel, fibreglass, stainless steel and many more. There are many areas in building, industrial plant or even infrastructure require proper piping system, to ensure the durability and safety level are being maximized. The main function of piping is to be used as transport medium for fluids conveying, from one to another location. Industrial pipe contractor Malaysia will need to make sure the pipe can deliver the fluid efficiently either in a manufacturing factory, industrial plant or other infrastructural set-up.

Pipe Materials

There are plenty of materials can be used to manufacture pipe, including steel, wood, glass, plastic, PVC, HDPE, fibreglass, aluminium, concrete, copper and more. Each of the raw materials has their own competitive advantages in which steel is one of common to be seen for heavier industries such as oil and gas. Industrial pipe contractor in Malaysia usually able fabricate steel pipe for various kind of application including power plant, oil drilling platform and more. Steel pipe requires proper coating and before it is done so, specialist will normally take into account concerns such as compatibility with cathodic protection, operating temperature, soil characteristics, level of external stress need to withstand. Pipe coating is extremely essential for oil and gas industry because it will be used to convey fluid under the water, connecting hundreds of kilometers apart from on-shore. According to industrial piping contractor Malaysia, steel pipe’s hollow structure enables high level of elasticity, durability and strength, have been using to transport gases and water in which those might requires high resistance against external and internal pressure.

Another few other materials that can make pipe including the PVC, plastic, HDPE those polymer-based products. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or plastic are relatively similar in term of its features but having numerous difference in properties. Industrial piping contractor in Malaysia mentions that HDPE PIPE is a thermoplastic pipe made from material that can be melted, reformed, re-melted and reformed again. It is good performer in the perspective of durability, flexibility and rugged, can withstand high stress caused by environmental and chemical. Anyhow, their advantages can be summarized as they are safe material which will not be harmful to human even they are being used as water pipe that transport drinking water, tap water to end users. Industrial pipe contractor Malaysia who can fabricate these three categories are having high demand from the market due to material competitiveness.

First, lightweight is a key feature because it eases the difficulty in logistics, installation and indirectly convert into time, labour and cost saving to project. Furthermore, it has high level of flexibility and design versatility when it comes to specification needed to be customized for customers such as consultants, owners, architects. Industrial pipe contractor in Malaysia has registered their products as green label if the pipelines are made by these materials because these components can be recycled and reused. Most importantly, it is unlike steel that requires special treatment such as anti-corrosion coating or come in stainless-steel form in order to achieve corrosion-resistant. These materials are originally having anti-corrosion feature that other products might not able to replace. In addition, it is also cheaper in cost, from the stages where raw materials placed into manufacturing, moulding and shaping into final products by industrial piping contractor Malaysia. Last few but not least important, pipes produced using PVC, HDPE or plastic are also watertight in joint, longer lengths, flame resistant and so on.

There are other materials can manufacture piping but not all piping producers can do, such as fibreglass, aluminium, concrete, copper, wood and glass. Fibreglass pipe is attractive to many users because it has high tensile strength but yet low density, having relatively high mechanical resistance. Industrial piping contractor in Malaysia claims the product also resistant to scaling as well as corrosion, joints can be lesser since it can be fabricated to lay for long distance. Moreover, they are also flexible and convenient in installation. While aluminium piping is having corrosion resistant too, high ductibility, reflectivity, impermeable, odourless, lighter in weight as well as additional advantage such as thermal and electrical conductivity. Concrete pipe is heavy but its strength is undoubtedly high and it can last for decades after installed, the only drawback is that it is heavy when it comes to precast, hence the logistics wise need to put on more budget or alternatively, cast-in-situ allows cheaper logistics cost but higher manpower hours and cost. Wood pipe is not common to be seen, industrial pipe contractor Malaysia does not have high specialized skill to fabricate it, at least for certain sectors.