Precision Engineering | Metal & Steel | Machining & Fabrication

April 22, 2018

Precision engineering can mean many sub-field such as software engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, optical engineering and more. Precision engineering enables metal parts to have a longer lifespan, compared to a part that is manufactured manually. Today, with dramatic improvement of technology in engineering, many impossible tasks turn into possible and widen up the engineering options. Precision engineering factory in Malaysia manufactures metal part that can be repeated with extremely minimal error, it is also having high tolerance and stability is exceptionally high as time passes. Precision engineering is particularly important as it also applies in aerospace and nuclear industries.

Precision engineering in Malaysia can be used in both small and large parts manufacturing, the obvious well-agreed advantage of this kind of engineering is it allows quicker production and subsequently achieve time saving. At the same time, prolonged running life also meant to have a reduced cost which is backed up by lower human error and requires lesser inspections. However, not all metal parts shall use precision engineering, those items that are having very high specifications shall only use this kind of engineering method because high and complicated parts required engineered in a precise way. There are plenty of advantages can be observed from the application precision engineering.

The Creation of Spare Parts

Many parts in engineering sector cannot be done manually by normal machine, maybe it could, but it will take up a lot of resources, such as manpower, time and wastage. Complicated or very small-sized parts can be manufactured through precision engineering. Precision engineering fabricator in Malaysia normally can provide design, supply and fabrication services, head to tail. Client who wishes to manufacture some very meticulous and complex component parts for their custom made project has to discuss details with the metal precision engineering manufacturer in order to achieve high accuracy parts where no discrepancy in between ideal and actual parts.

Environmental Friendly

This advantage seems very broad to many users, but it is feasible to be mentioned because of precision engineering helps to reduce waste intensely. Efficient process for production by precision engineering fabricator in Malaysia is essential in order to reduce the operating cost, it is translated from shorter production time and subsequently reduce the electricity usage in the manufacturing plant; decreased power consumption equals to lowered carbon emission, it is energy efficiency and environmental responsible. Zero or minimum wastage also help in saving mother earth’s resources, as there are more and more metals depleting nowadays.

Cost Saving

Furthermore, every material and machining process will be computed and planned ahead prior to production commences; therefore, metal precision machining supplier Malaysia can have zero wastage theoretically (practically speaking, extremely minimum wastages). It is very essential due to the reason where many materials in the precision engineering field are relatively high in cost, cutting down the wastage level can assist in lowering down the cost per unit. When cost of finished goods (or perhaps component part) decreases, the market selling price of that particular product can also be reduced, it will keep the merchant to be more competitive compared to other players in the market who applied only manual manufacturing methods.

Improved Production Speed