House Renovation | Refurbish Your House with Aathaworld

November 26, 2017

Renovation plays an important role in maintaining and upgrading your property value. Today let us tell you why you should always renovate the house with quality contractor in Malaysia. Especially, houses in Malaysia tend to have quick wear and tear due to the weather here. Malaysia is a tropical country that prone to have hot sun with high UV and heavy rainfall with potential flooding at many places, even for its capital city, Kuala Lumpur (KL). Hence, owner should always pay attention in waterproofing, leakage repair, UV protection, mould prevention as well as upgrading works. The “Why” will be shared as per following and what you should look at when comes to picking up best house renovation contractor in Malaysia.

Higher Resale Price

It is very popular among property buyers in Malaysia to purchase property as investment, since it is an investment to house buyers, some minor or even major renovation works normally will be done in order for them to resell to the next purchaser at a higher price. The uniqueness of that specific unit among all the other homogeneous leads the house unit to increase better in value, either from the perspective of interior, exterior or even the functionality.

House renovation contractor Malaysia does normally advise house owner, what and how to renovate got to refer to the market demand and purchaser’s taste in the property market. For example, Airbnb is getting more popularity here and renovator in Malaysia has been obtaining many jobs to actually modify the house’s partition into more room, cabinet in each room, mini lounge, more usable common area for tenants.

Details Attentiveness

Tiny details in a home might not be having high attention from ordinary house owner, this is when interior designer comes into picture; interior designer has extensive experience that can always put in ideas into the house to maximize usable space and at the same time creating appealing designs. Undeniably, house owner can always Do-It-Yourself (DIY) by doing own research, input ideas, select materials from supplier, choosing the right contractor and do all the coordination works with all parties.

Interior designer in Malaysia does have design and build services which offer a turnkey solution makes hassle-free services to owner, they incorporate general ideas of what you required into proper interior plan, adding more value on it, sourcing and purchasing materials and manage the project to make sure it fits your taste and execute the plan to meet your timeline. Renovation contractor in Malaysia on the other way too, they will have in-house or able to take up the interior design part for you (some even are having in-house architect on their own).

Go for What You Love Most

You might have purchased the first launched project, but you could also get your home from sub-sale, the current design can never be 100% fit your preference. Getting house renovator in Malaysia, means that having the opportunity to remove old items (to be replaced) and adding on new furniture or fixture, furniture is important, as it is representing your flavor. For instance, it can be wall colour, nail holes that annoy you, undersized room size and many more.