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Renovation Contractor Malaysia | Commercial & Industrial

January 1, 2019

Aathaworld is your preferred renovation contractor in Malaysia, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states. Besides residential, our expertise includes also both commercial and industrial. It is kind of wide range when it comes to these two building categories, commercial is where the shop lot, office, showroom, restaurant, retail outlet, café and pub or more; whereas industrial includes power plant, manufacturing factory, substation, warehouse and more. Residential is pretty simple although it usually requires more effort in term of interior, owner’s preference matching, budgetary, duration, coordination between multiple parties to ensure everyone’s expectation can be met. Commercial building needs renovation contractor Malaysia to advise, design, supply and build in order to achieve best plan, design, supply, build and any after-sale works.

Demolish and Rebuild

Aathaworld is able to cover demolish and rebuild job, this kind of complete reconstruction job is highly suitable for building material design and build supplier like us in which we can assist in package customization and provide the best solution to the building, from commercial to industrial. It is very common to see this kind of construction plan is being carried out in Malaysia’s few main cities where commercial and industrial buildings located at. The rationale explained by office renovation contractor in Malaysia despite it is a land-based or high-rise based building is pretty simple, it is because the price per square meter (or per square feet) is higher in cities in addition to limited available space area that is purchasable. Aathaworld has the capabilities to redesign using better materials, good in space management as well as reduce the building cost so the demolishment and the reconstruction budget can be saved to use on other interior furnitures and fixtures. Send the enquiry to us today to get your valued package as soon as you can, because the expansion plan of the team is having a time crucial factor while we can bring in higher value-to-price construction plan, materialize it for customer as a concern-clearance building consultant.

In the perspective of factory renovation contractor Malaysia, the rebuild is definitely an expansion, retrenchment or rearrangement of resources in term of number of department, redesign of production process flow or steps, refurbishment, rebranding, reduction of certain procedure involved, enhancement of specific stage design, warehousing relocation and more. Malaysia has a trend that more and more industrial players are practising this, demolish and rebuild when the expansion comes into picture in the later stage of the business. No one can foresee the business within short period of time, at least, when business was first started. Therefore, it is important to plan a simple industrial building plan that fits the current business proposal, production ca