Resin Floor Specialist | Flooring Contractor Malaysia

May 20, 2018

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd able to provide a comprehensive resin flooring solution, inclusive of epoxy, methyl methacrylate (MMA) and polyurethane (PU) flooring. Flooring is an essential building finishes that should be paid attention with, regardless it is applied for commercial building, low-rise, high-rise, residential building or industrial usage. Flooring specialist and supplier Malaysia like us definitely can offer you a hassle-free floor solution, from idea stage, design, supply, installation to repair. Although there are more flooring types, but resin still act as most of the basic floor finishes. Resin floor has a relatively hardwearing surface in the form of plastic and it is generally created through multiple ingredients mixture in order to speed up the chemical reaction in a controlled environment, ensuring a durable floor finish that suitable for heavy duty usage.

There is a general basic form of resin coating that comprises of fixed synthetic resin formulated and hardening element. Resin floor supplier in Malaysia will make sure the performance demanded by the engineer can be fulfilled through adding in of various additives such as aggregates and also custom made until the thickness of resin floor can be increased. Furthermore, other special requirements such as appearance of floor can be re-tune into different finishes by putting in other elements such as pigments, eye-pleasing chips or decorative flakes. After resin floor supplier Malaysia mixes those additives, these finished products will allow the floor finishes to be more attractive to the tenant and subsequently making the value of the property increased indirectly. As per mentioned above, the thickness increment will also make the compressive and tensile strength of the floor enhanced, able to withstand potential impact due to heavy duty.

Resin floor supplier in Malaysia claims that raw concrete floor without further top up of resin chemical will not as resilient as those finishes with thick resin layer. In principle, few layers of resin will be applied on the floor substrate in order to ensure the properties of the resin can be maximized in utilization. At the same time, resin floor supplier Malaysia will always encourage primer to be applied first before body coat (also commonly known as the main structural layer). The primer is to ensure adhesiveness is strong and durable towards the base substrate; the top coat is the one that take up most of the impact, foreign damage and therefore it should be applied properly in accordance to the standard of procedure as well as the method statement. Resin floor supplier in Malaysia can also special blend with formulated combination of elements to form the decorative finishing. There are few types of resin flooring such as epoxy, Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) and Polyurethane (PU).


One of the most common to use flooring finishes for both light and heavy duty is epoxy, it is also a mixture of epichlorohydrin and amine, the first one is epoxy element and the latter one is the hardener. According to resin flooring contractor in Malaysia, different kinds of components mixture will create a different characteristic that required by the users. Polyepoxide is another name of epoxy resin, it is a reactive prepolymer class that will contain epoxide groups. By going through catalytic homopolymerization or some other several types of co-reactants, epoxy resins will react themselves at cross-linked method (usually known as curing).

Some examples of these co-reactant elements that act as curative or hardener, including phenol, thiol, alcohol, acids, polyfunctional amines or others. Resin Flooring contractor Malaysia generally know well about epoxy because of its wide applications such as on the paint, structural adhesives, fiber-reinforced plastic material, E&E components (electronics and electrical), metal and steel coating, industrial and commercial purpose floor. Epoxy can offer good resistance mechanical features such as abrasive, chemical, thermal as well as impact resistant properties.

Cementitious Urethane

Resin floor contractor in Malaysia also good in applying this cementitious urethane because it is actually similar to epoxy, functioning as two part components which required to be mixed as one. Portland water and cement are subsequently blended into all these formulations for the purpose of making it look as well as feel more cementitious. Resin floor contractor Malaysia does always add in hydrated lime, because it will help to solve unappealing blistering issue upon finished coating.

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