Staircase Contractor Malaysia | Fabricate and Install

July 7, 2020

Aathaworld can construct and install the stairway that allows you to access the higher place of the building through the division of constructed small steps to bridge the vertical distance. The floors can be as low as few storeys and it can be reached by installation of stairs, while taller buildings might achieve more time-saving when escalators are built. Stairs are a must for both low and high rise buildings since during the breakdown of escalators or elevators, tenants and users are still able to go up-and-down through the staircase. During the fire accident, all people in the building must be evacuated using stairs instead of other facilities including elevators. Staircase contractor in Malaysia says that fire escapes should always be stairways in both traditional and modern buildings because of many safety reasons. Basically, the stairwell is built separately and isolated itself from the other parts of the building, the fire retardant wall is the barrier constructed for such separation. Basically, a firewall at least consists of two inch while three out of four within an inch will be assembled away from framing of steel-stud or wood-stud. Space allowance within such design is to make sure the possibility of a product that can block fire to be constructed between the floor levels. Staircase contractor Malaysia mentions that firewall is also defined as a set of assembled construction material that can isolate structure, transformers as well as huge buildings for prevention whereas fire spreading will not affect the other side. The position of independent firewall structure will be extended to the roof starting from the foundation, while the duration of fire resistance will be prescribed ahead. The rule of thumb has implied that firewall’s continuity to the adjacent rooftop must be at least thirty inches vertically, although some designs would have exceptional replacement of safety precaution standards. 

There are several firewalls such as tied firewalls, cantilevered firewalls and double firewalls whereas they all can be applied in various conditions for the sake of stability in the required structure aspect. Staircase contractor in Malaysia does also explain the load-bearing ability that a firewall design as many non-construction players or commercial owners might ask. Since firewall structure cannot be affected during earthquake or fire disaster, it should be standstill and free from the original building loads, therefore, it would not be designed and constructed as a load-bearing one. There is also another fire retardant wall known as fire barrier or fire partition, these walls will have a lower rating in terms of fire-resistance standard measurement and therefore could not be used as a proper firewall. During earthquaking, power supply might be disconnected as same as elevator’s short-circuited by fire and therefore causing a high risk for elevator users to escape. For instance, staircase contractor Malaysia says the emergency brake will fail, emergency call button in the elevator will be malfunctioned as well as the elevator might be full of smoke that is harmful to people inside. Further to the point shared by experts, the cable or rails of the elevator might be entangled and also could put the whole machine in deathtrap. Lift ropes of the elevator are extremely reactive to temperature variation, making the lift tend to fall deeper after the breaking of ropes due to the fire burnt.

Stairs are usually built with balustrade or handrail for the users to hold it while moving upward and downward. There are many types of staircases, while the affordable and common design is the straight staircase. According to staircase contractor Malaysia, the benefit of using straight stairs is definitely the simplicity of the construction materials, time and costs. Thin metal stringers, treads and open risers will allow more transparency and lesser obstructed views compared to other types of designs. Pre-cut riser is the vertical portion of the prescribed stairways that might be available from wood factory, hardware stockist to general household items store; making the purchase of new and replacement of existing stairs easier than other kinds. Additionally, there is no extra and unique structural assisting support to this setup while enjoying the conveniences in the handrail and railing installation. However, there are few main drawbacks for this staircase, such as the privacy and also the linear space taken up by the constructed stairway that subsequently affect home design. Staircase contractor in Malaysia claims that this design should not be applied for a building that has a high ceiling since it will take up more risers and space in a central landing structure. Another few types discussed next at here after would be the U-shaped and L-shaped staircases that are quite common too. 

These are staircases derived from reference of straight stairs where both of them also have a design that consist of two straight stairs and having a turn. The main difference would be one is U-turn and one is a ninety degree kind of turning. U-shaped will consume lesser linear floor space while suitable to be installed at the corner. There are another two names can be called the U-shaped stairs, which are half landing or half turning stairs in accordance with staircase contractor Malaysia. These staircases can be challenging to construct since it requires more supports, the generous resting point might be a waste as well as the difficulty in moving big furniture up-and-down. Similarly of the disadvantages shared by U-shape, the L-shaped stairway’s advantages can be for instance, attractive appearance when put on the living room, privacy can be provided if they are built as floors’ barriers visually, friendly design to room’s corner, safer than straight stairs due to landing space. Winder is another neighbouring design as L-shaped besides the landing part that can be commonly seen in residential units during the olden days. Seamless transition is its design advantage, favouring smaller house constructor but it will be tougher for handrail to be built by a staircase contractor in Malaysia. Spiral stairways are a space saver to many buildings when the room is small, the drawbacks are the tighter diameter of steps that make movement of more than one person and bigger items nearly impossible. Curved stairway is another design that can be incorporated into commercial and residential buildings for the creation of elegance while it is usually installed at the location near the entrance to impress the people who walk in. The benefit of spiral staircase is also including the materials option advantage (either metal or wood), big radius to provide easiness in walking up as well as space saving. Staircase contractor Malaysia says that this type of stairway might be costly to build since its complexity might not be so common to many specialists, it has also known as helixed stairs.