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Tile Adhesive | Bonding Agent | Chemical Supplier Malaysia

March 18, 2019

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd has been doing tile related works for many years. We provide tile related service including chemical solution, tile adhesive, and other bonding agent application to fit all range of buildings, such as commercial, infrastructure, low-rise, high-rise, residential building, and industrial plant. Those areas that we are able to cover are including wall, flooring as well as other building chemicals for roofing, ceiling, underlayment, bridge, tank, column, beam, any concrete overlay surfaces and many more. Bonding agent supplier Malaysia is able to service you from specification preparation or design stage, supply, application to maintenance work. Tile adhesive is essential for countries such as Malaysia because Malaysia have relatively high humidity atmosphere and raining season made up the majority days in a year. Therefore, high quality and durable tile adhesive are mostly to be the choice for durable and longevity. The importance of bonding agent cannot be neglected as each building will normally have non-identical tiles for different parts of the rooms; hence, we shall get some sort of strong bonding agent in order to ensure the adhesion is there as well as water will not penetrate the building. If Water penetrates through the building will affect the structural integrity and then it might cause safety issues and other annoying inconveniences to the tenants. Today, suppliers of bonding agent in Malaysia revolve around the central region and there are multiple competitive brands in the market that compete with each other but yet they still survive due to one key factor, product market is huge.

During the design stage, most architects and engineers will specify the tile adhesive brands (most of them will include the word “equivalent”), level of specification to any designated area in the building. It is essential to treat different areas of the building differently in order to prevent so-called “over-specified” or “under-specified” issues. These two issues required to handle since it is interrelated closely with safety and financial. Tile adhesive supplier Malaysia usually advise client adjusting more budget for those areas that potentially will cause safety issues, i.e. the wall tile that was not properly installed and inferior adhesive chemical will drop and damage the building users. However, developer or contractor will normally pay more attention to structural component of the building such as load-bearing concrete column and concrete beam, from the admixture to the surface; they are more likely neglected this part and assumed will not cause severe issue afterward. According to tile adhesive supplier in Malaysia too, structural elements may turn up to be a serious issue if no proper waterproofing being treated initially. This is due to water penetration the inner part of concrete, steel in touch with water and subsequently corrosion process could occur. Corrosion will subsequently affect structural strength of these components, from foundation to load bearing wall as well as the roof structure. It applies to the tile adhesive also since it has to do with waterproofing.