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Timber Supplier Malaysia | Wide Range of Species

July 16, 2018

Aathaworld, your preferred supplier for timber with wide range of species covering KL Selangor Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. Timber is a material that can be traced back to ancient time where they build houses, carpentry work, decoration, façade to daily appliances, mainly due to the conveniences in harvesting the trees. Timber is also easy to be processed from old days until modern days, begin with chopping, cutting, shaping, polishing and installing. For example, if someone in the older day wants to get a chair by DIY (Do-It-Yourself); he will walk to the jungle and get the tree chopped, bring back to the home and customize. Of course it will not happen most likely in today’s world, at least in the cities because many will engage a timber supplier in Malaysia since they can do the cutting with machine in order to make the size is consistent. Additional service such as anti-termite coating can also be done onto the timber ordered from timber factory, as well as the waterproof and UV resistant outdoor timber. If the timber obtained did not treat with proper protective coating, it might cause severe issue after some period of time. Basically, getting the supply from timber supplier Malaysia is suitable for both DIY users for carpentry work or user who will pass the timber to the professional carpenter.

One of the most common functions by timber is to be applied in construction industry as the plywood for formwork. Formwork can act as permanent or temporary supporting structure to assist the building material to cure from the pre-setup design, especially applied in slab, wall, column or any kind of elements for the building. Timber supplier in Malaysia generally can supply the timber formwork in loose form such as plywood to contractor, especially wet work contractor who does mainly on concreting scope. Plywood used to erect formwork has to be waterproof since it is always located outdoor where rainwater will have high possibilities to be in touch with the surface, frequent moisture penetration into the wood will cause the strength to be affected and subsequently affect the durability and the safety of using it to cast concrete. Timber supplier Malaysia claims the advantages of using timber as formwork are as solid as other materials that comes later in the picture, as technology advances and getting mature in the formwork sector. Plywood formwork can be equipped with high moisture or water resistance and their acquisition cost is relatively low compared to many other materials, replacement cost is not expensive too due to its high availability in the market.

Furthermore, timber can also be applied for some other purposes such as scaffolding, timber flooring, façade, ceiling, bridge, furniture making including staircase, cabinets to table and chair. According to timber