Vinyl Sheet | Vinyl Tile | Supply and Install

February 1, 2018

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd, a vinyl tile and vinyl sheet supplier Malaysia, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states. We make every effort to offer best vinyl flooring supply in Malaysia, as a vinyl floor supplier in Malaysia that has wide range of vinyl products including vinyl sheet and tile. Besides supplying, we are also able to do installation for your flooring. The following are some of the benefits of vinyl sheet and vinyl tile which vinyl flooring supplier in Malaysia agrees.

Installation Speed

Vinyl Sheet Supplier in Malaysia normally supply sheet vinyl that has six to fifty in length, diameter is approximately 3 foot, requires lesser sheet to achieve a same floor size. It helps to reduce the time to install, especially important for big project which has huge area for installation. Many countries including Malaysia is trying to reduce labour-intensive work by encouraging Industrialized Building System (IBS) or other simpler and quicker installation type of building materials. Vinyl sheet supplier can actually solve the labour lacking issue by speeding up the installation process through bigger piece of vinyl sheet. Vinyl sheet contractor in Malaysia is in fact aligns those time and cost saving into the quotation, subsequently converting to a lower budget for flooring work.

On the other hand, vinyl tile is another vinyl flooring option which is also favoured by vinyl installer in Malaysia. Vinyl tile offered by vinyl tile supplier in Malaysia allows different patterns and shapes which those are already produced in bulk from vinyl production factory. Of course, some of the vinyl sheet supplier in Malaysia can also allow vinyl contractor to cut any possible design they want, or to fit the floor area’s outline. Products by vinyl tile supplier in Malaysia have endless customizable fit-to-need design, different style and also can be installed effortlessly by vinyl tile contractor in Malaysia.

Stable & Durable

Vinyl flooring supplier Malaysia claims that vinyl sheet and vinyl tile have an undeniable advantage which is its hardness, this is really important to flooring that act as the top layer that withstand most of the wear and tear. If vinyl floor tolerates hard-wearing, durability of this type of flooring is the reason why vinyl flooring contractor in Malaysia encourages users to opt for vinyl flooring compared to other type of flooring materials. Vinyl flooring supplier in Malaysia can also provide vinyl floor material that has high level of stability, from the aspect of resistance against climate changes or moisture. Vinyl floor remains its size and shape even in an adverse condition. Vinyl flooring in Malaysia enables user to replace damaged part easily, the vinyl sheet and tile can be obtained easily in the market from vinyl floor tile supplier in Malaysia.

Environmental Friendly

Vinyl tile supplier Malaysia shall be certified as green building material provider because vinyl’s raw material is made by one of the natural copious resource, salt that contribute as main component to PVC. Furthermore, vinyl flooring is a highly recyclable building material, some of it can even achieve 100% of recyclability and its content for recycling can be as good as 45%. Vinyl sheet supplier Malaysia does carry the same feature too but its recyclable material is slightly lesser than vinyl tile, because of the rolling stock keeping factor. Even though recycled vinyl flooring material in Malaysia is widely accepted by the public, lower in price while responsible to the environment, but over-application of recycled content might affect the stability and durability of the flooring.



If the application area is having high and frequent traffic, users should always go for vinyl sheet supplier in Malaysia because vinyl sheets can achieve high quality performance and endurance is as competitive as to other flooring materials. Since vinyl sheet roll is wide and long, the vinyl roll must be carried carefully from stair, through elevator or crane. However, it is about the same when come to the consideration of time and effort; Vinyl tile supplier in Malaysia also stands at a ver