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Waterproofing Contractor Malaysia | Supply & Apply

November 23, 2018

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd offers complete waterproofing solution, with different kind of areas of application, to all range of buildings, such as commercial, residential building, infrastructure, low-rise, high-rise and industrial plant. The area that we cover include flooring, wall, roofing, tank, column, beam, ceiling, bridge and many more. Waterproofing contractor Malaysia capable to service you from specification preparation or design stage, supply, installation to maintenance work. Waterproofing is extremely important for countries such as Malaysia where we have relatively high humidity atmosphere and our raining season made up most of the days in a year. The importance of waterproofing cannot be neglected and every single building must get some sort of waterproofing in order to ensure water element will not penetrate the building, affecting the structure and subsequently cause safety issue and other inconveniences to the tenants. Today, waterproofing contractor in Malaysia is everywhere and there are so many brands in the market competing with each other yet they can still survive because of one critical obvious reason, the cake of this industry is huge.

During the design stage, most architects and engineers will specify the waterproofing brands, level of specification to any designated area in the building. It is essential to treat different area of the building differently in order to prevent so called “under-specified” or “over-specified” problems. These two issues must be handled carefully since it is interrelated closely with safety and financial. Waterproofing contractor Malaysia always will suggest to allocate more budget on structural component of the building such as load-bearing concrete column and concrete beam, from the admixture to the surface. Structural elements may turn into severe issue if no proper waterproofing being treated initially, when water penetrates into the inner part of concrete, steel in touch with water and corrosion process could occur. Corrosion will consequently distress structural strength of these components, from foundation to load bearing wall as well as roof structure.

Waterproofing contractor in Malaysia come across a lot of scenario where project owner want to save cost and compromise on the waterproofing specification, even not serious on those structural parts of the building. The usage of waterproofing is to close up the porosity of concrete infill and surface, blocking chemical and water elements to infiltrate concrete, then indirectly and directly deteriorating the building. Possession of the surface to be dry and prevent it being in touch with water will not solve the problem, especially the building outer surface that prone to receive rain water. In accordance to the waterproofing contractor Malaysia, most of the waterproofing incident occurs from the foundation.