Wire Mesh Supplier Malaysia | All Range of Application

June 3, 2018

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is able to provide various wire mesh product consultancy, design, fabrication, modification and installation, from residential, commercial, industrial building to construction usage; also cover new building or existing plant maintenance work that involves fencing, reinforcement or decorative purpose, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. As a leading wire mesh supplier in Malaysia, that is why we promise to deliver best quality of wire mesh supply ranging from steel wire mesh, concrete wire mesh, stone wire mesh, bamboo wire mesh (private wire mesh), aluminum wire mesh, wooden wire mesh, wrought iron wire mesh, plastic wire mesh, brick wire mesh, glass wire mesh, PVC wire mesh, gabion wire mesh, gabion cage and vinyl wire mesh.

All these would be applied for different purpose and you can always refer to wire mesh specialist in Malaysia like us. Although there are more and more kinds of wire mesh raw materials being introduced to the market but steel used and still one of the most popular option for many users, including reinforcement bar (rebar), steel wire mesh, steel bar grating, steel rod, round bar, flat bar with different sizes (diameter, length).

Aathaworld is a supplier where wire mesh manufacturing can be make-to-purpose, able to service for various industries irrespective of construction or industrial usage. As a professional wire mesh supplier in Malaysia, we can carry out industrial process such as moulding, boring, bending, shaping, welding, cutting, punching, drilling, lathe turning, machining, sliding lathe, stamping, twin column machining, of wire mesh raw materials into finished ready-to-use wire mesh products. These pre-welded wire mesh products can either be infill materials or external use of end product that yet to be finished up too, while wire mesh supplier Malaysia can usually supply and install these into specialized application, security, factory or structure for building.

It is very important to get the right wire mesh that can really contribute to the application, for instance, those place requires high level of security should use steel fencing (of course concrete wall fence is the best, but if security required without compromising the transparency). Of course, wire mesh supplier in Malaysia will also advise few factors need to be considered before purchase; for example, the aesthetic factor. Even though there are some wire mesh options cannot offer very appealing pattern, but with technology advancement nowadays, a lot of them can now have wonderful design with different adjustment. Owner might want to alter several design when comes to wire mesh, such as the gap distance, wire diameter, wire colour, wire density and many more. Wire mesh supplier Malaysia always advise the gap distance should be as near as possible, whenever it is for security fencing purpose. The rationale is because the thief has higher difficulty to climb since the gap is smaller than the foot size, even the hand grip is more challenging.

Definitely, there are other factors besides appearance focus; function is an essential feature that should be emphasized at. Wire mesh supplier in Malaysia will always consult client the pros and cons of using each type of wire mesh type, for example, plastic wire mesh is cheaper in cost while having several features such as anti-corrosion, chemical-resistant, lightweight and it can be produced in mesh or panel form upon requested. Therefore, decorative oriented purpose will normally go for PVC wire mesh since the wire mesh offers flexibility in which the plastic mesh can be modified by other through DIY (Do-It-Yourself). The fencing part for many building, from residential, high-rise, factory or other agricultural lands are important in which the wire mesh fencing will provide security to the asset from being stolen and damaged by human, animal or other potential foreign object. Wire mesh supplier Malaysia will strongly encourage to use wire mesh if the budget tight, security is relatively important and at the same time wish to uphold transparency.

Cost factor carries greatest portion for most of the customers in term of capital cost, replacement cost, maintenance cost, labour cost and time cost. For instance, by using wire mesh, the set up budget required is lower than timber fencing, solid concrete wall fence and other kind of solid panel. Logically speaking when come to the costing, the total material area supplied by wire mesh supplier in Malaysia is lesser than solid full panel wall. Furthermore, the replacement cost is also lesser where any wear and tear that cannot be fixed. In order for full solid panel wall to be fixed, normally it require a substantial portion to be replaced while wire mesh can allow replacement or maintenance of the small part (that is spoiled). Wire mesh supplier Malaysia can also make the installation time quicker and cost cheaper, because the wire mesh is normally prefabricated and required simple installation.