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Agricultural machinery and equipment used in farms are important for bigger scale production, including tractor, plow, baler, combine, sprayer, planter, mower and more. Agricultural machinery supplier in Malaysia usually can supply many of them in their comprehensive product range. Although the most popular agricultural equipment is tractor, there are more to mention as farming involves many processes and list of scopes before it can really be bought, cooked and served onto your dinner table. For examples, the soil cultivation uses the cultivator, power tiller, rotary tiller, mulch tiller, rototiller, rotavator, bedtiller, chisel plow, cultipacker, plough, harrow, drag harrow, spike harrow, disk harrow, roller, rotator, rock windrower, stone picker, destoner, picker, rock rake, strip till toolbar, zone till subsoiler and more. Planting processes involves planter, seed drill, air drill, box drill, trowel while fertilizing, pesticiding and organic can have another few machinery such as sprayer, dry manure spreader, terragator, liquid manure fertilizer, slurry spreader, liquid manure, slurry tanker and more in the list. Agricultural machinery supplier Malaysia will take up some equipment for irrigation such as hydroponics, center pivot irrigation, sprinkler system, micro spray heads, drip irrigation and many more.

Produce sorter has a long diversified list too for the preferred equipment for many farm owners, from weight sorter, colour sorter, taste sorter, internal sorter, density sorter, blemish sorter, diameter sorter or some other categorizing methods. Here comes the most exciting part when all those hard works are finally rewarding the farmer, the harvesting or post-harvesting section. These two stages usually share the similar equipment in which farmers will find it easier to rent or purchase. Agricultural machinery supplier in Malaysia can also provide transparent guidance and maintenance ways for farm owners as well as their team to operate properly before letting them to proceed further with ordinary work progress. Their offerings are including grain dryer, cotton picker, buckrake, silage maker, grain cart, farm truck, conveyor belt, haulm topper, cotton picker, rake, rice huller, mechanical tree shaker, wagon, trailer, gravity wagon, silage trailer, two-wheeled cart, grain hopper trailer and lighter, swather, mechanical tree shaker, orchard equipment, haulm topper. There are also some ranges of specific crop harvesters that are assembled for certain crops, since crops are usually so diversified from paddy rice, grapes to potato. There are approximately over ninety four species of plants that can feed the population of the world but yet, it will be narrowed down to about fifty of them in terms of crops and contributing many people in each of their nations.

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Agricultural machinery supplier Malaysia claims the highest crops produced globally are rice, corn sugar cane, vegetables and wheat while China is rated as first in terms of production of agriculture food in the world. This giant country has been also contributing crops such as potato, peanut, tomato, barley, tea, sorghum, cotton, soybean, oilseed, millet and more. Of course, there are also production of crops that are playing a major role in the world's food consumption needs. For instance, millet, sorghum, maize, wheat, barley, rye and rice that made up the cereal. While agricultural machinery supplier in Malaysia also shares that tubers are potatoes and cassava, oil-bearing crops can be ranged from oil palm, sunflower, soybean, canola or rapeseed, peanut or groundnut as well as sugar crops that consist of sugar cane and sugar beet. Sugar beet is proven to be the most efficient crop in terms of energy as it can also be planted in almost all countries on the Earth. Approximately sixty percent of all calories among plants consumed by human beings are rice, corn and the rated as first is wheat. These crops are grown globally but there are also regional food crops including those we have mentioned, soybean, potato, legume, sorghum, cassava. According to agricultural machinery supplier Malaysia, wheat is also the oldest and most extensively grown crops globally, started ten thousands years ago and covers 4.5 billion world population food calories as well as twenty percent of overall protein required.

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Harvesting equipment or harvestor is being used in these important crops such a potato harvestor potato digger, potato spinner, sugarcane harvester, beet harvester, combine or graine harvester, bean harvester, carrot harvestor, corn harvester, grain stripper, silage harvester, header, forage harvester, stripper cleaner, stripper loader, coffee bean harvester, tomato harvestor, cotton harvester and more. There are also hand harvesting products when farmers are not able to afford heavier harvesting equipment or when the farm is relatively small. These hand tools for harvesting including sickle, flail or winnower and winnowing machine that are substituted by combine harvester to save the classical tiring works. Agricultural machinery supplier in Malaysia do