Brick Supplier Malaysia

Brick Supplier Malaysia

Brick can be used as wall brick, paver or other type of building materials in construction. Although brick can be made up by different raw materials, such as concrete, fly ash, sand or many more. It varies from different type, grade, size and material. Brick has been a highly applied product due to its cost effectiveness, installation-friendly which does not require any special and experienced labour to build it. Brick supplier in Malaysia can supply common clay brick, sand lime brick, engineering brick, fly ash clay brick and concrete brick.

Clay Brick Supplier Malaysia

Common Burnt Clay Brick

Common burnt clay brick made by mould pressing, being dried and fired in kiln. It is not with any unique appealing outlook and need to be plastered and rendered. Then, the sand lime brick which is moulded is actually a mixture of lime, fly ash and sand through a specialized chemical process before pressurized. Common clay brick that manufactured by brick supplier Malaysia has a grey surface instead of reddish colour, and basically its colour can be adjusted through chemical treatment, mixture of internal content, temperature during the firing process and kiln atmosphere. For instance, higher lime content produces a yellow or white coloured brick whereas higher proportion in iron element makes pink brick.

Clay Brick Supplier Klang Valley

The other reason to have common clay brick applied on wall is because of their smooth finishing and uniform shape which reduces the effort to do plastering and alignment works. Brick supplier Malaysia can also provide superior load-bearing brick, offering strong brick which the strength meets the requirement of many building types standard.

Engineering Brick Supplier Malaysia

Engineering Brick

A type of strong and dense brick, produced through high temperature that used for low water penetration, absorption or porosity. It is applied for damp-proof course with superior assistance against acidity. Brick supplier Malaysia normally does not supply this type of engineering brick because it has higher cost then ordinary brick. However, engineering brick is still popular when it comes to certain type of project. Engineering brick can improve technical performance of the structure, more likely to be applied in civil application such as manhole, groundworks, retaining wall or sewer where premium resistance to water or pressure is needed.

Engineering Block Supplier Malaysia

Brick supplier in Malaysia can supply two grades of engineering brick (class A and class B), water absorption is lower than 4.5% for class A brick, and having 125N/mm2 or more in term of its compressive strength. On the other hand, Class B engineering brick is having water absorption rate lower than 7% and its compressive strength is larger than 75N/mm2. Brick supplier Malaysia usually can supply smooth red engineering brick although other colour might also possible to be produced.