Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Equipment Supplier Malaysia

Industrial Cleaning Malaysia

Cleaning is an unwanted substance removal process, getting rid of impurities, infectious agents, dust, dirt, stains, bacteria, colours to more. The objects, method, environments can be varied and equipment to be used can also be very diverse depending on the situation. Its methodology can be broadly divided further into a solvent application process or get it done through mechanically. Commercial cleaning equipment supplier in Malaysia can subcategorize the processes into many types, ranges from dry cleaning, carbon dioxide cleaning, washing, abrasive blasting, pressurized washing, ultrasonic cleaning, megasonic cleaning, acoustic leaning, steam cleaning, sputter cleaning, flame cleaning, green cleaning, plasma cleaning, thermal cleaning, wet cleaning and more. The surfaces can be also varied from stone, granite, ceramic, clay, bituminous, epoxy, concrete, gypsum, painted, PU, wooden, steel, aluminium, plastic, PVC, PE, HDPE, LDPE, copper, mild steel, stainless steel, zinc, galvanized, parkerized and other more.

Dry Cleaning Malaysia

Let us take normal dry cleaning for an example, it is actually using chemical solvent instead of ordinary water and usually referred to textiles or clothes. Its mechanism works in a very simplified way, stain will be solubilized on the material selectively from dry cleaning. Commercial cleaning equipment supplier Malaysia says that the stain-causing compound will be extracted by non-polar solvent. Soils and stains can be removed by fluids of dry cleaning method; dissolving oil and grease that ordinary water is unable to perform so. Wool and silk materials are highly suitable to be cleaned using this way because its colour and original beauty will be distorted as well as shrinkage will occur when water-washing. The advantages are including odor and stain removal, conveniences to clean up larger items, details can be attended, less abrasiveness, longer lifetime can be enjoyed and more. Of course, commercial cleaning equipment supplier in Malaysia can do many washing machines that apply ordinary washing methods that utilize detergent or soap, carbon dioxide sterilization, wet cleaning and equivalent. There is one cleaning that can be emphasized in this context, either industrial, commercial or even up to domestic residential. Dirt removal is usually the targeted objective of steam cleaning applied for household or flooring while engines’ dirt as well as grease elimination are what industrial users want to achieve. Lower temperature setting in an oven is another way to replace self cleaning.

Green Cleaning Malaysia

Commercial cleaning equipment supplier Malaysia is able to cater for customers who emphasize on green cleaning in which the concern of earth-caring is at their priority. Methods and products used in this type of cleaning, including the procedures, ingredients and equipment for certain conditions must not be harming mother earth. Additionally, the health and safety must be taken care while these green cleaning techniques are applied. Toxic chemical, VOC (volatile organic compound) must not be emitted that will eventually cause dermatological and respiratory issues of humans. Commercial cleaning equipment supplier in Malaysia will provide and make sure the products that are used in green cleaning methods can be biodegradable (to be defined as eco-friendly). Power washing or known as pressure washing is using equipment to emit high pressurized water spraying in order for dust, grime, paint, mould, dirt, mud and even chewing gum to be cleared away from the objects, surfaces, vehicle, floor, wall, roof or other building components. The pressure that is represented in Pound-force per square inch (psi), has to be ranges from seven hundred plus to as high as more than three hundred thousand. Many equipment allow the pressure to be adjusted for the sake of multiple applications. Uniform cleaning patterns can be created through the special design of high-pressure on the rotates consistently, comprising 2 to 4 jets emitting at a rapid rate. Commercial cleaning equipment supplier Malaysia provides hydro-jet cleaning that can be applied for tank and pipe debris cleaning. The advantages of employing pressurized washing can minimize chances of allergy, hazards and most importantly, it does not hurt the appealing surface. Examples that can use this tool are including siding, cladding, roof, patio, gutter, sidewalk, sidewalk way, driveway, paver, parking lot, facade, awning and more. At the same time, many building components can be cleaned by commercial cleaning equipment such as exterior landscape, street, graffiti, crime scene, chimney, carpet, silo and more.

Power Washing Malaysia

Industrial cleaning equipment supplier in Malaysia is able to provide plasma cleaning machines that can be applied for contaminants and impurities removal. The logic behind this machine is to use dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma or energetic plasma that formed through gaseous species such as oxygen, argon, hydrogen, nitrogen and air mixtures. The reason to use this method is to eliminate the chemical solvent usage, microscale porosity that cannot be cleaned because of limitation in surface tension, enhancement of adhesion and promoting of bonding for surfaces. Furthermore, materials’ bulk properties will not be affected through this cleaning while it can be applied for material that consists of complex surface geometries including glass, gold, metal, optical fiber, semiconductor wafers and other oxides. Industrial cleaning equipment supplier Malaysia does also sell thermal cleaning tools that involve oxidation and pyrolysis, that can be applied for removal of plastics, coatings, polymers and those organic substances. Components in the production that usually use this method are for instance, static mixers, spinnerets or extruder screws. Cleaning method on solid surfaces that is frequently being used in ion plating and vacuum deposition is known as sputter cleaning.