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Concrete Plinth ǀ Types of Beams ǀ Plinth Foundation

Concrete Plinth Foundation Malaysia

A concrete plinth is a beam made from reinforced concrete that connects the wall and foundation. The load of the wall is distributed evenly over the foundation, preventing the cracks from the foundation to extend into the wall above the foundation when the foundation settles. Besides, concrete plinths are useful for supporting heavy loads by providing an elevated platform for the heavy loads or machinery to be able to raise above the floor. Moreover, concrete plinths are also used as a part of a structure to form a jacking point to perform maintenance in the future for heavy structures. For instance, it can be used for changing the steel bearings during the maintenance of a bridge deck.

Types of Beams

A beam is a horizontal structural element that resists lateral loads and supports the weight of the elements of a building structure, such as the floor, roof, and ceiling. It carries the vertical load and transfers the load to a column or a wall. There are several types of beams and they are characterized based on their means of support, size, shape, geometry, equilibrium conditions, construction methods, and construction materials used as a beam.