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The electrical supply that powers our everyday life, from domestic to commercial and industrial needs, is a very broad and complex system. From generation to transmission and consumption, electrical energy generated from natural resources or renewable fuels delivered to different end users has to undergo a process involving multiple stages of operations to make it transmissible and usable for various specifications. To facilitate the economic and safe delivery of adequate electricity to all types of electrical equipment, the transmitted power first arrives at an electrical distribution substation, where it is passed through a series of step-down transformers to lower the voltage closer to utilization levels. According to electrical switchboard contractor in Malaysia, this then becomes a standard utility supply that enters our homes, commercial building or an industrial site through a single point, known as the service entrance, which is normally located within an electrical assembly. To systematically regulate and control the raw power input, service entrance electrical distribution equipment such as panelboards, switchboards and switchgear, is employed to perform different duties as a whole to power facilities throughout a building. This range of power distribution equipment generally functions on the basis of power protection against electrical overloads and short circuits while distributing electricity according to the voltage and power rating requirements. Typically for large scale buildings or sites, switchboards, resembling a large single frame or an assembly of panels in the form of a floor-mounted cabinet are used for mounting these overcurrent switches, protective devices, buses and other equipment. Aathaworld is an electrical switchboard contractor based in Malaysia and is readily available for a full range of services including domestic, commercial and industrial power needs.

The Functions and Importance of a Switchboard

A switchboard represents the intermediary between the final point on the utility power distribution system and the beginning of the distribution system for the electrical system of a single facility. Similar to panelboards, the primary function of an electrical switchboard is to control the flow of the power by dividing large blocks of electrical current into smaller independent circuits to be consumed by electrical devices according to their voltage requirements. Each electric panel constituting the switchboard contains switches that redirect electricity and supply power to transformers, panels, and other equipment. In addition to power distribution, an electrical switchboard by electrical switchboard contractor Malaysia is built with functions needed for controlling, monitoring, protecting and recording the functions of each substation; as such it has space and mounting provisions for metering equipment, overcurrent protection, and a means of disconnect for service conductors.

As it has a direct connection to the power, the connection and disconnection of the electricity to the site can be controlled using a circuit breaker or a switch disconnector. A very important component of the switchboard, circuit breakers are also designed for the protection of short circuit and overload; fuses are designed for the same purpose and provide a quicker action but may only be used once when a fault occurs. Protection relays, on the other hand, are used to protect against over voltage, under voltage, phase lost, phase sequence, power surges and earth leakage. As mentioned by electrical switchboard contractor in Malaysia, using indicator lights, voltmeters, ammeters and watt meters, switchboards are also able to monitor electrical status and quality usually for the purpose of energy saving. Certain switchboard models may also offer backup power as a feature and are usually utilized where power interruption is strictly forbidden such as for large data centers and medical facilities. These specialized switchboards may use a generator to manually switch over the power supply or a fully automated system that has an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) supporting the essential circuit while an automatic transfer switches the supply to recharge the UPS battery. To understand better the functionalities of your switchboard, we at Aathaworld, are always prepared to help you gain better insights.

Parts & Components of a Switchboard

A switchboard is made up of multiple elements, with the primary components constituting the frame, bus, overcurrent protective devices, instrumentation, enclosure and exterior covers, in accordance