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Aathaworld is an engineering contractor in Malaysia that can assist in your project from scratch, design, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC). We cover industrial, commercial and residential projects for the region. Our own team of architect, consultant, engineering and construction will make sure every single stage of project offered by customers can be fulfilled with proper planning, discussion, execution to after-built coverage. Hassle-free appointment of contractors can be done if the customer wishes to get one single specialist to handle the overall projects, instead of getting multiple parties on their own. There are a lot of aspects needed to be taken care off, if customer awards the contract separately to engineering consultant, infrastructural contractor, civil and structural, mechanical and electrical, fabricator; as well as own or outsourced the coordinator, project manager and other range of supervision for each of the prescribed work scopes. Example shared by engineering contractor Malaysia, designers who have a very innovative idea in which he expects most of the contractors can build it with proper guidance while the contractor appointed by the user is actually feeling conservative due to the unforeseen risks of going forward on this specification. However, if the designer was to use his own contractor or group of contractors who have been working with him on many projects would have a preliminary discussion, making sure every party is involved and committed to the possibilities of building such a design. Same applies when the main contractor who has the full team has been appointed by the client, the contractor will work out every single detail with his own consultants before presenting to the relevant customers. Additionally, some scenarios of projects require better teamwork by experienced associates in which a separated team appointed by the end user might not work well with each other.

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After explaining the pros and cons by having a full team contractor, we wish to introduce what coverage a professional engineering contractor in Malaysia will have when it comes to the general building, plant and project. For the same reason, introduction of what should not be the scope where the end user is involved will be mentioned here. Engineering and design stages are the most essential to every single project, despite which kind of building or operation plant. First of all, take a commercial recreation complex as an example such as a project plan that involves super low or high land level, Sunway City and Genting Highland are two very successful examples in that scenario. When you are trying to build a city where no road access to the hilltop in which own transportation of construction materials and labours are both the challenging part. Engineering contractor Malaysia faced the same “hard to believe” mindset when Sunway requested those sub-contractors to build something that lay on top of the deep tin mining facility; hence, it is the duty of the proposer of the business development to convince their sub-contractors to complete the grand city plan while maintaining the safety, most importantly. Nevertheless, consultants play an important role in these kinds of projects since the preliminary design, planning of building are far more crucial to the real construction stage. Taking one simple case study, which is the “The Tacoma Narrows Bridge twisted back and forth in strong winds before collapsing in 1940”(credit to: businessinsider). It collapsed only four months after opening for public use, due to the issues of flexibility and unstable cables. Engineering contractor in Malaysia must be able to conduct a full feasibility study with few consultants, especially the C&S, M&E and making sure from soil test, structural load, wind load, shear strength, compressive strength, mechanical viability and electrical connectivity are at their best. Over-specified is always better than under-specification, whereas many developers might always want to save the cost to have a higher ROI (Return-on-Investment) in terms of commercial value.

Plant Contractor Malaysia

There are architects or engineering consultants involved in every building and functional plant, from palm oil mill, power plant, manufacturing process factory to residential, commercial, shoplot, landed, high rise to industrial setup. For example, a proper solar farm would require an electrical consultant or renewable energy specialist to advise on the designing stage to make sure the whole targeted efficiency can be achieved with maximized economical values (highest output with lowest cost of setting up). The direction of the solar panel to the best at a certain height, to have widest absorption of potential heat energy directly from the sunlight is one of the considerations and that studies needed to be carried out by professionals. Engineering contractor Malaysia is able to advise certain general civil and structural portions of the designs since the wet works are usually carried out by the EPPC or main contractor in a project. For a classical production plant, it would all depend on what industry it is. Ice cream factory is one of the sectors where cold room system specialists are required in addition to food and beverage (F&B) experts. Further to this, building itself requires an architect to put on a proper 3D and 2D drawing for detailed construction, their profession to get it signed for submission to authorities is undoubtedly a basic necessary for safety reasons too. All these parties' involvement makes the owner acknowledge that a comprehensive design and build team is a must to most of their projects. Interior of the building is also important for specialists to draft out, from flooring materials, wall finishing, furniture settings, workflow arrangement (to ensure smooth cross-operational within internal departments) as well as the nature of each material to be applied for each room.