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Interior Designer Malaysia

Interior designer in Malaysia is so important to be engaged before starting your renovation works no matter for your house, office or other type of works. What types of interior designer are there, why is that important to involve them during preliminary stage of renovation work will be elaborated further later in the article. Interior designer in Malaysia either employed by the architectural company, or act independently on project basis for developer, owner, architect. Interior designer works closely with the consultant, engineers beside architect and owner.

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A good interior designer can make miracle within the limited space, maximizing the space’s value at all time in term of functionality, safety, efficiency (energy saving, convenience). Interior designer Malaysia always study in details on the human behaviour and their needs, in order to ensure the house design has high level match to the client’s taste. Interior designer will draft the wall and floor layout plan using the drawings from architect as a baseline. The layout plan must also include the accessibility and fire safety of the building in compliance with local authority, which is BOMBA.

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Interior designer in Malaysia does focus on factors such as lighting, building materials, colour, positioning and functionality. Lighting is important to the overall interior of the building, including its lighting pattern, colour tone, brightness, number of lighting, position of the light and many more. The building materials used also important in especially aspects such as insulation against sound, heat resistant, easy to maintain and environmental friendly. The overall interior theme and colour are also important, the wall paint, floor material shall able to match with the furniture such as cabinet, kitchen countertop, table and chair.

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Electrical and plumbing layout is important to the interior designer in Malaysia because this preliminary design plan is drafted right after other components design in the layout plan. These furnishings have an undeniable effect on the comfortability and convenience level of the residents and users of the building. Interior Designer Malaysia will also include other job scope such as project timeline, procurement, costing to project coordination.

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Project Timeline

Project timeline is the key for commercial building project because the faster the project completed, the quicker the project can be sold or rented out. Although interior finishing is the last scope for the finishes, but it is one of the key part of the whole process. Project timeline is authorized to be determined by the interior designer in Malaysia if the contract awarded is inclusive of design and build, which this vendor is also a main contractor who has in-house design too.

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