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Pneumatics is an application of fluid power to perform work on an automated equipment. Equivalent to the distribution of electric power to electric motors, drives, and other devices, the principle behind a pneumatic system is by energy transmission using a collection of interconnected components with a medium of compressed air to generate, transmit and control power. While pneumatics harnesses the use of a pressurized gaseous media, hydraulics is an alternative form of fluid power, which uses a liquid media instead, typically oil, at a much higher pressure than for pneumatics application. In a pneumatics system, energy is stored in a potential state under the form of pressured air in a tank usually known as a positive displacement compressor and is put into working force when it is allowed to expand in a series of air vents and tubes. According to pneumatic valve supplier in Malaysia, this strong airflow finally drives the motor in the form of either linear motion such as in the applications of pistons, mechanical arms and ramps or rotary motion for drills. The control of the airflow is performed through the using power control elements, namely valves and actuators, carrying out functions of switches, sensors, relays and logic circuits, collectively building up to a complex automated system. Pneumatics are widely used in a broad spectrum of industrial settings such as for food and beverages, production and manufacturing plants, as they are simple to use and are reliable for a long-term service life under proper air preparation. The design of a pneumatics circuit is essential to ensure an efficient system that minimizes air use and that provides the quickest response as well. For your pneumatics designing and installation needs, contact Aathaworld, an experienced pneumatic system contractor to provide professional consultancy and services.

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