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Sanitary Wares Supplier Malaysia

How often do you go to the toilet each day? According to some research, each person requires an average of 6 to 7 times per day just for urination and not even includes other activities. So toilet is a place where we visit very often and require to be tidy and clean for comfortable usage. A toilet needs to be clean at all time and at the same time, it must be easy to clean as well. Bathroom accessories often use brass or stainless steel just to ensure it to not get corrode easily. Ceramic is the common material to use for the sink and also toilet bowl because is easy too clean and stain easily be spot on. But in the modern days, toilet has moved forward to be a high tech product as many automation faucets, Smart control for the toilet bowl and air dryer is introduced and used in the market. Purchasing it is easy but installation requires good experience and well trained personal so hiring the right team such as Aathaworld is the way to save your cost and hassle.

Modern Toilet Design Malaysia

Sanitary Ware Supply Sanitary ware product that supply to the market is usually made of brass, stainless steel, ceramic, galvanised steel, etc that stay strong for a long time even under humidity condition. Ceramic bowl and sink are the most common to be seen in most public toilet because it is easy to be clean and does not easily collect stain. Ceramic is also a very sturdy and hard material and does not easily crack or deformed. Most of the drain connector will be using PVC fitting for it long-lasting and does not degrade when contact with chemical cleaning product which is similar to ceramic. Normal market would usually install normal brass faucet or tap because the price is much more economical but for higher grade setup stainless steel material would be much more preferable because of its glossy surface and more durable. To have a much greener installati