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Unlocking Property Value | Residential, Commercial to Industrial

Property Malaysia

Property value can definitely be unlocked when we have proper planning on what and how to conduct a total refurbishment and upgrading using current resources. Not to challenge any of what will be against the law, but property value will have to be either preserved, enhanced or any other methods to unlock it. In order to achieve more, the developer shall hold the key to drive the change, despite some but not all the tenants might have some comments to block the alternation. The reason behind it is pretty straightforward as value realization and increment are subjectively dependent on the user, viewer, designer, owner and visitor. Buyer and seller might perceive in a totally different direction and the negotiation will cost time, energy, effort as well as other resources. Believing it or not, more people are quite stereotyping certain designs and concepts that can actually bring more financial impacts to your business traffic, operational efficiency, the likeability of the property by visitors, conveniences brought to tenants and users or more. This is not an easy task and therefore, it requires plenty of discussions to brainstorm.