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Aathaworld Sdn Bhd, a vinyl floor supplier Malaysia, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states. We strive to offer best vinyl flooring supply in Malaysia, as a vinyl supplier that has wide range of vinyl products including vinyl sheet and tile. We wish to also introduce the advantages of using vinyl flooring materials as compared to other flooring types in Malaysia.

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Vinyl Floor Tile & Sheet

Vinyl is actually made from polyvinyl chloride, also famously known as PVC. These PVC chips are then heated up coupled with proper level of pressure, further processed into solid sheets that comprises of different thickness (1/8” is the commonly seen). Although the colour of these materials can be adjusted, but wooden colour series is the most popular one since vinyl flooring is an alternative solution for actual timber flooring that requires frequent maintenance. Vinyl flooring supplier in Malaysia also recognize it as another name, which is Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT), although it can be represented in sheet form.

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Of course, some vinyl floor supplier in Malaysia claims that VCT is not distinguishable and category separation is not a necessary among tile and sheet. Vinyl floor tile in Malaysia can be produced in both rectangle and square shape, such as 12inch by 24inch and 12 square inch respectively. When it comes to putting up the vinyl flooring, the vinyl floor contractor will apply vinyl adhesive after the floor is leveled, smoothen and cleaned. Vinyl floor supplier Malaysia does supply self-leveling cement also to contractor or they themselves can do the leveling of floor before installation of vinyl tile or sheet.

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Vinyl tile supplier Malaysia does have wide range of vinyl floor tile, including modern to classic vinyl floor tile designs. Vinyl floor tile Malaysia is selected by users because of its durability, cost effective and low maintenance works requirement; Vinyl sheet can withstand high and rapid traffic flow area, and its noise absorption against steps also up to par among other flooring materials. Vinyl sheet supplier Malaysia usually will apply custom made wax that is formulated, by using exceptional apparatus and material.

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In comparison to other flooring materials, vinyl flooring materials in Malaysia meet high level of abrasion resistance and absorption of damage from unexpected impact. Vinyl tile supplier Malaysia can even refinish the damaged vinyl tile or sheet with proper polishing machine in the utilization of chemical strippers. Therefore, vinyl repair in Malaysia is also an effort-effective and cost-efficient job. Vinyl tiles reinstallation can be done easily by vinyl tile installer Malaysia, removal and replacement can be conducted easily if the vinyl flooring is fitted properly.