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We are leading acrylic supplier in Malaysia who can provide both acrylic building material, industrial usage and decoration for various industries. Acrylic Malaysia is an alternative to glass which is cost effective and lighter in weight, therefore it is often being selected as one of the important materials for industrial and retail purposes. Thickness, colour, shape, size, transparency, design can be adjusted to fit requirement.

acrylic partition malaysia
  • Clarity and transparency of acrylic is optically high, acrylic supplier in Malaysia is normally able to provide both transparent and translucent acrylic.

  • Quality acrylic which is resistant to oils, moths, chemicals, weather and sunlight.

  • Different colours available. Acrylic can be further processed into different designs/patterns by acrylic UV printing.

  • Good impact strength with high rigidity, resist to shrinkage, wrinkles and dimensionally stable.

  • Lightweight, washable, warm, blended, cotton-like, wool-like appearance, quick dry, easy to fabricate and do shaping, acrylic fabricator in Malaysia shall put you feel safe when apply acrylic to your projects.

Acrylic Partition
Acrylic Sheet

Acrylic sheet is the most common form raw material for many acrylic applications such as acrylic advertisement board, acrylic box, perspex cover, ceiling and wall decoration acrylic panel and mock up project. We can do it in many colours, UV printing for texture, transparency, frosted, reflective or other types of acrylic features up to your standard.

Acrylic Mirror

Acrylic mirror can also come in different types such as one-sided, two-sided (double sided), see-through acrylic mirror in Malaysia. We can also supply acrylic mirror in different framing, size and colours for retails, commercial and design industry Malaysia.

Acrylic Tube

We can also supply acrylic tube in many types of length, inner diameter (ID), outer diameter (OD), colour for your design requirement. Acrylic tube in Malaysia is usually being used for medical, laboratory, food & beverage, technology industry as well as lightning, testing tool, decoration.

Acrylic Box

Acrylic box is very useful when it comes into picture as a protection cover for switch board (control panel), electronic devices or components, display box, medical and science field, commercial, architecture building, art, mock up and design industries. We can do it in translucent, transparent, frosted, coloured with different shapes and designs.

Acrylic Rod

As an acrylic tube supplier, we of course can supply also acrylic rod which is solid acrylic rod for mostly decoration, interior, lighting purposes for construction or retail project. However, rod has less variety in standard diameter, ranged from 3mm to 100mm thickness with 2m length, we can customize and do cutting, drilling and modify to suit your requirement.

acrylic tube malaysia
Acrylic Tube
acrylic box malaysia
Acrylic Box
acrylic panel malaysia
Acrylic Panel
acrylic lighting malaysia
acrylic board malaysia
Acrylic board
Acrylic lighting
Standard specification (customizable)
standard acrylic stocks
 standard acrylic tube

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