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We are metal fabricator in Malaysia who offers design, fabricate and install. Plant operation requires quality fabricated steel works in term of structural, non-structural and auxiliary parts. Factory’s equipment has to receive consistent check to make sure the wear and tear of parts can always be attended. Below are some of the fabrication works can be carried out by us:

Storage Tank & Pressure Vessel

This container is built to hold liquid or compressed gas (often addressed as gas tank or pressure vessel), mediums can be hot or cold as well as different properties. In refinery sector, it can be subdivided into fixed roof tank and floating roof tank. Fixed roof tank is fabricated for high flash point liquid such as bitumen, water, fuel oil while floating roof tank is for the opposite purpose. Some of the low and medium flash point liquids are comprises of ethanol, gasoline, diesel and crude oil, kerosene respectively. Pressure Vessel is special made container that used to store liquid or gas element with certain unique pressure. Parameters used for these tank designs including the tolerance of temperature, operating pressure, corrosion allowance and safety aspect.

Chemical Tank Storage.png
Storage Tank.jpg
Furnace Tube.jpg
HDPE Pipe.jpg
Pipe & Tube

Pipe is hollow cylinder or tubular section that being used to convey substances such as gas, liquid, powder, slurry, or smaller solid materials. It is also applied for structural purpose where solid one has lower stiffness per weight unit compared to the hollow one. The difference between pipe and tube is merely the definition where pipe has a constant outside diameter (OD) with a schedule while tube is having higher flexibility. Piping system is where engineering and design involved, such as its flow rate, nature of materials (including aluminium, steel, HDPE, concrete, fibreglass). Components that in-line with the system generally formed by valves and fittings. Plumbing used in sewage system, fire sprinkler in fire protection system, HVAC, petrochemical or other plants install for efficient transport of fluid.

Sheet Metal

Industrial metal is the base for every metalworking, the flat thin piece can be cut, bent, roll, combined to form different shapes. The variation in thickness define its name from structural steel, leaf or foil. Stainless steel, mild steel, copper, tin, titanium, nickel, aluminium, brass to other materials such as fibreglass, HDPE can be used depending on the application purposes. Metal sheet basically can go through several forming processes such as bending, curling, deep drawing, decambering, hydroforming, hemming, seaming, expanding, ironing, incremental sheet forming, laser cutting, photochemical machining, press brake forming, perforating, rolling, punching, stamping, spinning, water jet cutting, wheeling, welding or more handling technique.

Sheet Metal Steel.jpg
Sheet Metal.jpg
General Metal Fabrication

Fabrication process actually involves more than bending, cutting or assembling processes; it is basically creating value-added process that made up of parts, structural component, machines from diverse raw materials. Machining of the elements will be based on the engineering drawings, from handrail, building frame, heavy equipment, loose parts to more. Loose items such as flanges, bearings, as well as bolts and nuts that require automation machine (CNC machine) where these are repetition process. Putting aside those wear and tear maintenance, accessories or main module requires also precise measurement to ensure overall assembled unit can operate at a maximum productivity; casting on mould, powder coating, galvanizing, painting and other polishing method are also essential.

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is a metal fabrication supplier Malaysia and metal contractor in Malaysia which customize your metal such as steel requirement for manufacturing line, processing plant, factory from multiple industries, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, Johor and other states in Malaysia.

Photo credit: khyatipolymers,, videoblocks,  resulta, alliedsteel, marbach

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