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Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is a generator set supplier, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. Our mission is to be leading genset supplier in Malaysia that makes purchase, rental and maintenance easy, that is why we promise to deliver best genset in Malaysia. Our supply ranges of genset in Malaysia ranges from diesel to gas, covering both sale and rental. Trust us as a complete generator set supplier in Malaysia, assisting you even after-sale service and maintenance.


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Know Your Power

Gensets, short for engine generator sets, is a rather broad terminology representing devices that convert motion generated from a specific input energy source to produce electrical power of a desired voltage and frequency. A standard complete generator set commonly constitutes the components – an engine, a fuel supply mechanism, a constant engine speed regulator and a generator voltage regulator, cooling and exhaust systems, and lubrication system. Gensets become the primary source of backup power supply when the central utility source is interrupted during a

blackout or an electrical failure. Generator sets are mostly categorised by the particular type of fuel it operates on and its specifications are largely varied based on its size and power ratings, i.e. horsepower, torque, watts or kilowatts. Smaller sized gensets usually run on gasoline, petroleum or diesel as a fuel; while larger models use diesel, natural gases or propane. Compact residential generators are sometimes deployed in suburban areas that have frequent power interruption or even in disaster shelters. Industrial-grade gensets are specially engineered to address specialized needs which require specific power requirements in businesses such as for aircraft, automotive, road construction, mining, offshore drilling, outdoor film shooting and any event management where the grid supply is unreliable or not at all available.


Gasoline Genset

Genset Industrial 2 Malaysia.jpg

More commonly recognised as gas generators, these gasoline-powered (or petroleum) genset models are the most ubiquitous among consumers owing to the availability of gasoline and it tending towards the lower end of the price spectrum. Another distinctive advantage gas generators have over other kinds of gensets is its compact size, making them highly portable to be moved around for home use, campsites, and are greatly preferred for many kinds of construction jobs. The greatest drawback of gas generators is that it produces relatively high-emissions and can be disturbingly loud and noisy. They are more suited to users with low-power usage as they do not have a large fuel tank.

Diesel Genset

Genset Diesel Malaysia.jpg

Diesel generator sets run on a combination of a diesel engine and an electric generator and are by far the most durable option as they typically have a sturdy engine design and low maintenance requirements as well. Diesel fuel burns much cooler in comparison to other natural gases and the reduced heat significantly lightens the burden on the engine, making it an efficient choice with higher energy density and power production. It is also preferable for safety reasons, being that it is a lot less flammable than other fuel sources. While diesel by-products may be considered as a source of pollution, recent improvements in engine technology have substantially reduced these impure emissions. 

Natural Gas Genset

Genset Natural Gas Malaysia.jpg

Natural gas offers a limitless source of fuel and does not face the issue of refilling or running out of supply as they are continuously fed to the site of operations by gas lines. They operate in a similar manner to gas and diesel generators; but instead utilizes liquefied petroleum gas or propane to generate energy. They are favourable among most average consumers as they offer an overall reasonable operational cost with cheaper fuel and machine purchase; moreover, they boast a longer shelf life, easily stored above or below ground tanks and burns cleaner with relatively minimal emissions. Although, as they are kept under pressure, natural gas is highly flammable and even explosive; installation cost may also be higher due to the complex fuel system and running gas lines that have to be installed by qualified technicians. They also may not be as durable as diesel generators and can malfunction under exceedingly cold temperatures.

Standby Gensets


Standby generator, broadly speaking, represents an electrical powering system that operates automatically without the need to start them manually. As such, they are mainly used as emergency power units as  they are able to detect power loss in a matter of seconds and respond immediately to power up particular devices such as elevators, fire protection, and detection systems, standby lightings as well as life support devices like ventilators and ICUs/CCUs. Standby generators may run on gasoline or diesel, and have a much larger external fuel tank that typically allows the generator to last for 48 hours during power cuts. They commonly come with a skid that houses a commercial-grade engine, a large alternator, radiator and an automatic transfer switch that allows a standby generator to switch seamlessly between systems, ensuring the delivery of permanent power protection should the grid power fails.

Marine Genset

Genset Marine Malaysia.jpeg

Commercial or industrial grade marine generators operate in the same manner as any other generators but are however its exterior built and engine is specially engineered to withstand rugged environmental conditions. They are required for usage in the damp salty sea air and recommended for oil rigs or naval vessels, from fishing boats, private yacht and large cruise ships. Available to run in both gas or diesel, larger models for industrial applications are more suited using diesel. As a standard genset is not constructed using materials that are as robust and unable to withstand wet atmospheres, it is necessary to employ marine gensets out on the sea as they are designed using different techniques on the exterior, utilises a hydraulic pump system and are built using more durable materials and insulators.


Portable Gensets

Genset Industrial Portable Malaysia.jpg

Portable industrial generators are trailer-mounted version, and are not to be mistaken with home or commercial generators that are equipped with small wheel kits. These large portable generators can be powered by gas or diesel and make an excellent choice for a temporary electrical power setup. They are especially useful for construction sites that require power to tools and lights before a stable electrical supply is established, or in remote areas with lack of access to the power grid to run vital appliances such as refrigerators and heaters. Sometimes they are also used by emergency responders when a large amount of power is demanded in a disaster-struck location.

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is a generator set supplier and contractor in Malaysia which provides you various kinds and specifications of generators for commercial, industry and residential needs, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley and other states in Malaysia.

Photo Credits: tradeindia, generacpowersystems, pixabay, midamericaengine

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