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Sunset on Solar Panels

Why Switch to Solar?
Generate your own solar energy to offset TNB Bills

Now Everyone Can Go Solar!


Wonder why your home/business energy bills are getting higher monthly?

Due to tariff adjustments, ICPT, subsidized by the government, prices are fluctuating from time to time.


In Malaysia, to get this best out from a consumer perspective, switching to solar energy to generate income & fully utilize our current weather, to offset rising TNB bills.

Quickest & Easiest Way to Power Up your Home with this 5 Steps:

Enjoy Your Savings Instantly

Power your home with clean energy and enjoy up to 90% savings on your electricity bill. Upon commissioning, you get to on your AC nonstop and enjoy all the savings!

Customized Solar Solutions

Provides customized & personalized solutions that fits well both your home and requirements, as for every premises home is different.

Worry-free Installation

Efficient (normally within 1/2 day), zero defects, highest quality of workmanship, and most importantly hassle-free.

promise from us to you.

Complementary On-site


Book a FREE solar consultation with one of our solar experts to get your estimate savings, ROI and payback period.

Peace of Mind

Up To 25 Years

We are only a phone call away from any after-sales services, operation & maintenance queries!

Save on electricity so that you can spend more with your family!

Power Your Property with Clean Energy

1. Reduce Energy Cost

  • Transform solar energy into electricity and lower your energy costs!

  • Optimize and reduce your energy consumption and offers a completely hassle-free solution to businesses & homeowners.


2. Hedge Against Tariff Hike

  • No worries about rising prices in future tariff.


3. Be A Prosumer

  • You can generate your own electricity and credit the excess to TNB.

Our client, Mr. Lee with 8.8 kWp Solar System at Puchong, Enjoys his savings with his family up to
RM400 - RM500 monthly.

Commercial & Industrial

Solar PV Installation for business purposes such as commercial, and industrial rooftops can generate significant savings on electricity bills.


Net Energy Metering (NEM)


Net Energy Metering (NEM) is a program that allows people with solar panels to use the electricity they generate for themselves and sell any extra electricity back to the power company. They get paid the same price as they pay for electricity when they buy it. The total amount of electricity that can be sold back is limited to 500 megawatts (MW), with specific quotas for different types of users: 120MW for homes, 195MW for businesses, and 185MW for industries.


NEM is a great way to promote the use of renewable energy like solar power. It encourages people to install solar panels on their properties to save money on their electricity bills every month. The electricity produced by the solar panels is used first, and any extra electricity is sold back to the power company. This means people can save money without needing expensive battery storage and still get deductions on their electricity bills for the energy they sell back to the power company.


Solar For Business


As the need for climate change action increases due to the rising temperature towards 1.5 degrees Celsius warning limit in a decade and rising waters, corporate organizations are called to limit global warming and act towards climate change. Not only has clean energy been identified as a profitable solution for businesses by policymakers and leaders, but a source of corporate sustainability to future-proof organizations in the long run. In order to speed up the transition towards cleaner energy, we equip your business with holistic solutions that will reap financial and environmental positives. Make the most out of your investment and become a sustainable champion of clean energy with us.

Solar Panel Farm8


Save Up to 80% on monthly Electricity Bills

- Reinvest those savings into other sustainable business development.

- We help your building save on operational costs by leveraging tax allowances, policies, and flexible financing options.

- Partnering with us enables your factory to establish a resilient energy posture, effectively trimming production costs and curbing the peak energy demand (MD) of your consumption.


Eligible for Double Tax Incentives, Tax Savings & Hedging Against High Tariffs

Immediately reduce taxable income by up to 48% in total and simultaneously eliminate risk exposure to rising electricity rates.


Strengthen Your ESG Profile

Embrace solar energy to cut down on carbon emissions and reach your ESG goals successfully.

Go Solar Today!

Brought to you by Investor Perspective


As a business, we understand that cost is always a concern when it comes to making a long-term commitment. To ensure you can access clean energy easily and affordably, we help you invest and provide more affordable energy for your businesses, here are financing options for your businesses...



Through an outright purchase, your business gains the flexibility to either self-fund or secure sustainable financing from financial institutions. This sustainable financing offers the choice of a bank loan or a hybrid plan. It encompasses the full expense of acquiring and setting up a solar photovoltaic system, alleviating the burden of upfront costs for businesses.


These loans have driven increased involvement from the private sector, particularly in manufacturing, industrial, and service sectors, fostering investment in environmentally-friendly technology and clean energy."

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) constitutes a solar financing approach that facilitates ownership without initial CAPEX expenditure from the adopter. Designed to enhance cash flow, property owners can benefit from reduced electricity tariff rates, resulting in savings on their monthly energy expenses


In Malaysia, a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for solar energy is a contractual agreement between a solar energy producer (often a solar power plant owner or a solar project developer) and an electricity buyer, typically the utility company or a private entity. The PPA sets out the terms and conditions under which the solar energy producer will sell electricity generated from the solar project to the buyer.



In Malaysia's solar program, self-consumption refers to the practice of using the electricity generated by a solar photovoltaic (PV) system for one's own consumption rather than selling all of the excess electricity back to the grid.


Under self-consumption, the solar PV system generates electricity, and any surplus energy that is not immediately used by the property owner is typically fed back into the national grid. The property owner can then draw electricity from the grid when the solar panels are not producing enough energy to meet their demand.


Self-consumption is an attractive option for solar PV system owners as it allows them to reduce their reliance on electricity from the grid and potentially lower their electricity bills. By using the generated electricity on-site, users can offset a portion of their grid electricity consumption and maximize the benefits of their solar investment.



Operation & Maintenance

Service and maintenance for solar systems annually are essential to ensure optimal performance, longevity, and safety of the solar installation. Regular service and maintenance for solar systems including cleaning the panel, cleaning the dust of the inverter, and cable connection checking status can help to maximize energy production, extend the system's lifespan, and improve efficiency.
Power Your Property With Clean Energy

Source: Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia
Disclaimer: The following information on this website was taken from announcements made by Malaysia’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA). This page will be updated in accordance with the official updates from KeTSA

Solar Panels

Who is Eligible to Apply for NEM?

You can apply for this scheme if you are:

  • An eligible participant is a consumer of the distribution company who maintains a clean record in the system, without any instances of being blacklisted due to reasons like outstanding electricity bills or engaging in offenses.

  • Only consumers who are officially registered with the Distribution Licensee in Peninsular Malaysia are eligible.

  • Not a delinquent who has not paid their bills or a pending meter tampering case.

  • Subscribers of the following tariff:

       - Industrial

       - Commercial (Including government- owned structure)

       - Residential/ Domestic

       - Agricultural

  • Exclusive electricity generation is limited to solar photovoltaic (PV) sources. However, the Commission may consider the inclusion of other renewable energy forms like biogas, biomass, or micro hydro on a case-by-case basis.

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