We are wall finishes materials supplier and wall finishes contractor in Malaysia who can provide both internal and external wall material supply and installation for commercial and residential building. Wall Malaysia can be custom-built into different materials, designs, colours, patterns for interior theme purposes. wall designs are always so important to synchronize with ceiling, flooring and furniture themes for interior and exterior.

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Cement Plastering

Malaysia’s most common raw finishes of concrete wall finishes, mixtures of cement, water and sand mortar where the wall is plastered, sand-faced finish and smooth finish. It is a very simple and cost effective way for walls. However, it can be also further modified into cement textured finish or paris finish plastering on your wall for visual and touch enhancement.

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gypsum drywall finish malaysia

Gypsum Drywall Finish

It is a quick modern finishes as an alternative to wall plastering method, which is quite common for interior walls and ceilings, also known as plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum panel, sheet rock, gyprock or gypsum board. It contains same mineral which is calcium sulphate with hydrate but just that it is pre-manufactured and commonly added in with fiber (fiberglass) for fire resistance and decrease water-absorption.


Wall Tiles

There are so many wall tiles from porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite, slate, travertine, quartzite, porcelain mosaic tiles, swimming pool tiles, wood look tile, metal mosaic tile, glass mosaic, cement, onyx, texture tiles, to stone and pebbles tiles in the form of tile cladding panel or tile pieces. Tiled wall as finishes are popular in Malaysia and it gives wide variety on the design, types of materials and different price ranges.

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Brick Wall

There are so many types of materials, bonding ways, manufacturing methods, sizes, textures of brickwall. Bricks bonding means how you arrange and lay the bricks, and the common materials are burnt clay bricks, sand lime bricks (calcium silicate bricks), engineering bricks, concrete bricks, fly ash clay bricks. Also, manufacture method and textures such as smoothface, rockface, sandblast, cobble, handmade, décor, antique, wirecut antique, clay blocks, special shape for facing bricks, brick veneers, textures bricks in Malaysia.


Glass Wall

From clear glass, tinted glass, reflective glass, laminated glass, satin glass, patterned or textured glass, spandrel and wired glass, glass mosaic, glass mirror wall, glass partition, glass wall or glass window (type of ground to ceiling wall or door) have also famous wall panel to be seen in Malaysia. Glass wall is a preferred design for high rise, bungalow, retail shop, commercial and office.

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3D wall panel 1
3D wall panel 1
3D wall panel 2
3D wall panel 2
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3D wall panel 3
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3D wall panel 4
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3D wall panel 5
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3D wall panel 6

Wall Panel and Cladding

There are so many types of wall panel and cladding such as timber and wood panel, aluminium, chipboard panels, medium-density fiberboard, stone, timber, weatherboard, fiber cement, brick, vinyl, metal, fabric, PVC panels, vinyl-covered gypsum boards; insulation wall panel such as fiberglass, cotton, mineral wool rockwool, polyurethane (PU foam), polystyrene, aluminium foil for wall (decorative), upholstered wall panels. Different wall materials for different purpose and features depending on design intention.

Aluminium Composite Panel Buildings Mala

Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP)

ACP is widely used and easily installed as a cladding material due to its lightweight nature and flexibility. It has good insulation, and protects the interior of the building from outdoor temperature. They are available in various colours and smooth finishings, and is therefore also suitable for decorating indoors such as fall ceiling installation and office partitions. Additionally, ACP are sustainable as they are completely recyclable. However, ACP are susceptible to dents, less resistant towards UV rays and its colour may fade over a period of time, ultimately losing its initial shine.


Exposed Brick

There are two variants of exposed brick to choose from – brick veneers and facing bricks. Facing bricks are similar to common bricks but with a cosmetic intent, and hence have a smooth surface which faces the exterior of the wall. Brick veneer, on the other hand is a relatively new product and are much like facing bricks, except they are approximately 10 to 50 mm thick. Veneers are commonly installed onto structural frame by using a corrugated metal sheet. The brick's colour and textures depend on the chemical composition of the raw material and its surface treatment. In comparison, brick veneers take less time to complete than solid facing bricks and is ultimately more cost effective.

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magnetic wall malaysia

Other Wall Finishes

Furthermore, there are many other wall finishes users can explore from wall supplier Malaysia like us which requires more toward skillful labour workmanship, wall which has specific effect where owner look for, such as chalkboard wall (whiteboard wall), magnetic wall, 3D texture either by paint or 3D wallpaper, marble powder finish, stucco wall coating, sand textured finish, pebbles finish, flakes finish, coral finish, canfor finish, decorative stone, rammed earth finish and many others.

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is a wall finishing supplier Malaysia (wall materials supplier Malaysia) and wall contractor (wall finishes applicator Malaysia) in Malaysia who provide you a total wall solution (interior and exterior, structural or partition wall) for commercial, residential, industrial, high rise or landed properties, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley and other states in Malaysia.

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